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  • If You Seduce a Straight Person, Can You Make Them Gay?

    Issues in Biological Essentialism Versus Social Constructionism in Gay and Lesbian Identities, 1st Edition

    By John Dececco, Phd, John Patrick Elia

    The debate on whether or not people are born homosexual (biological essentialist theory) or become homosexual during the course of their lives (social constructionist theory) continues as each side claims to prove the truth through research and clinical findings. This breakthrough book shows the…

    Paperback – 1993-04-22

  • Male Prostitution

    1st Edition

    By Donald West J

    Here is the most comprehensive empirical study ever published about male prostitutes and their clients. Written by one of the most distinguished international scholars in psychiatry and criminal justice, this book provides a carefully designed presentation of in-depth interviews with several…

    Paperback – 1993-02-04

  • Modern Homosexualities

    Fragments of Lesbian and Gay Experiences, 1st Edition

    Edited by Ken Plummer

    This book of nineteen original essays by activists and academics documents and analyses the dramatic changes in lesbian and gay experience over the last twenty years. It charts the growth of lesbian and gay studies, and examines key issues around communitites, identities, relationships, sexualities…

    Paperback – 1992-10-29

  • Homosexuality in Renaissance and Enlightenment England

    Literary Representations in Historical Context, 1st Edition

    By Claude J Summers

    This new book significantly contributes to an increased understanding of the gay and lesbian experience as it illuminates important works of literature and clarifies the status of same-sex desire in English literature from 1500--1760. Homosexual themes can be found throughout the literature of the…

    Paperback – 1992-10-14

  • The Golden Boy

    1st Edition

    By Robert Hatch

    This is the first autobiography to be published by The Haworth Press.This is the first autobiography to be published by Harrington Park Press.The place is New York City. The time is the decade before the plague of AIDS. Thousands of gay men were living a free-wheeling lifestyle of club hopping, &…

    Paperback – 1992-07-14

  • Coming Out of the Classroom Closet

    Gay and Lesbian Students, Teachers, and Curricula, 1st Edition

    By Karen M Harbeck

    This landmark book empowers educators to become visible, positive influences and role models for gay and lesbian students in their classrooms and schools. As most homosexual educators, and even students, remain invisible due to possible hostilities of “coming out,” this eye-opening book…

    Paperback – 1992-04-06

  • Counseling Chemically Dependent People with HIV Illness

    1st Edition

    By Michael Shernoff

    Counseling Chemically Dependent People with HIV Illness describes frontline clinical treatment of HIV-infected chemically dependent persons. It provides a realistic view of what the daily work with this population is like. Specific, in-depth case examples and material give readers a solid…

    Paperback – 1992-03-23

  • Homosexuality and Male Bonding in Pre-Nazi Germany

    the youth movement, the gay movement, and male bonding before Hitler's rise, 1st Edition

    By Hubert Kennedy

    This is a landmark publication featuring English translations of selections from the early gay German journal, Der Eigene. This collection, previously scattered and difficult to read in the original German, allows readers direct access to primary source material on the early gay movement. Neglected…

    Paperback – 1992-03-17

  • How to Find Information About AIDS

    Second Edition, 1st Edition

    By Virginia A Lingle, M Sandra Wood, Jeffrey T Huber

    If you have ever attempted to research the AIDS epidemic or the HIV virus, you have discovered the overwhelming array of information sources. How do you know which information is the most accurate and most current? This second edition contains a directory of sources and resources in the AIDS…

    Paperback – 1992-02-12

  • Understanding the Male Hustler

    1st Edition

    By Sam Steward

    This book is a serious study of male hustlers using experiential dialogue to introduce the reader to real-life concepts and experiences that otherwise could not be effectively conveyed. An intriguing attempt to get into the mind and personality of the male hustler through a largely imagined series…

    Paperback – 1991-07-01

  • Gay People, Sex, and the Media

    1st Edition

    By Michelle Wolf, Alfred Kielwasser

    Here is a provocative book that examines precisely how and why mass communication has an impact upon the sexual realities of our lives. Written in response to a demand for information that cuts across many of the boundaries found in more traditional books on sexuality and mass communication, Gay…

    Paperback – 1991-04-30

  • Growing Up Gay in the South

    Race, Gender, and Journeys of the Spirit, 1st Edition

    By James T Sears

    This groundbreaking new book weaves personal portraits of lesbian and gay Southerners with interdisciplinary commentary about the impact of culture, race, and gender on the development of sexual identity. Growing Up Gay in the South is an important book that focuses on the distinct features of…

    Paperback – 1991-01-15

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