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  • Muscle Boys

    Gay Gym Culture, 1st Edition

    By Erick Alvarez

    What was once a lifestyle for a small number of gay men in big cities has become a way of life for many, and the gay gym is now a culture on its own. Muscle Boys: Gay Gym Culture explores the evolution and current structure of this gay subculture that surfaced in San Francisco, West…

    Paperback – 2008-02-22

  • Feeling Queer or Queer Feelings?

    Radical Approaches to Counselling Sex, Sexualities and Genders, 1st Edition

    Edited by Lyndsey Moon

    Feeling Queer or Queer Feelings? presents highly innovative and contemporary ideas for counsellors, counselling and clinical psychologists and psychotherapists to consider in their work with non-heterosexual clients. Ground-breaking ideas are presented by new thinkers in the area for issues such…

    Paperback – 2007-11-08

  • The History of Gay People in Alcoholics Anonymous

    From the Beginning, 1st Edition

    By Audrey Borden

    The History of Gay People in Alcoholics Anonymous documents and honors the ways thousands of LGBT people have carried Alcoholics Anonymous' message. This illuminating chronicle includes interviews and documents that detail the compelling history, recovery, and wisdom of gay people in AA.…

    Paperback – 2007-10-12

  • Coming Out and Disclosures

    LGBT Persons Across the Life Span, 1st Edition

    By Ski Hunter

    LGBT persons face multiple challenges when entering the coming out process, regardless of their age or place in society. Coming Out and Disclosures: LGBT Persons Across the Life Span is a comprehensive guide to the coming out process for LGBT individuals, how to prepare for disclosure, and how…

    Paperback – 2007-08-21

  • Lesbian Motherhood

    Stories of Becoming, 1st Edition

    By Amy Hequembourg

    A unique practical application of poststructuralist theory to lesbian mothers’ narratives, Lesbian Motherhood: Stories of Becoming analyzes the personal stories of 40 lesbian mothers to discover the complex ways their sense of self is constructed in the current legal, political, and social climate.…

    Paperback – 2007-06-25

  • Gay-Straight Alliances

    A Handbook for Students, Educators, and Parents, 1st Edition

    By Ian K. Macgillivray

    A step by step guide to the school club that provides a safe place for LGBT and straight kidsA Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) provides a safe place for students to discuss issues, meet others, and get support from those who care. Gay-Straight Alliances: A Handbook for Students, Educators, and Parents…

    Paperback – 2007-05-30

  • Gay Travels in the Muslim World

    1st Edition

    By Michael Luongo

    Travel beyond the fear and paranoia of 9-11 to experience Muslim cultureGay Travels in the Muslim World journeys where other gay travel books fear to tread—Muslim countries. This thought-provoking book tells both Muslim and non-Muslim gay men's stories of traveling in the Middle East during…

    Paperback – 2007-05-09

  • American Psychiatry and Homosexuality

    An Oral History, 1st Edition

    Edited by Jack Drescher, Joseph P. Merlino

    Interviews and first-hand accounts of an historic decision that affected the mental health profession—and American society and cultureThrough the personal accounts of those who were there, American Psychiatry and Homosexuality: An Oral History examines the 1973 decision by the American Psychiatric…

    Paperback – 2007-04-25

  • You Can Run

    Gay, Glam, and Gritty Travels in South America, 1st Edition

    By Jesse Archer

    From Machu Picchu to a cocaine purchase in a Bolivian jail—and beyond!How do you rough it in extreme South American travels and still dare to be different? You Can Run: Gay, Glam, and Gritty Travels in South America follows the intrepid and fantastic—and totally true—adventures of flamboyant gay…

    Paperback – 2007-04-04

  • Bashing Back

    Wayne Besen on GLBT People, Politics, and Culture, 1st Edition

    By Wayne Besen R

    The Best of Besen!Bashing Back: Wayne Besen on GLBT People, Politics & Culture is a compilation of 72 columns from the outspoken GLBT activist and author of Anything But Straight: Unmasking the Scandals and Lies Behind the Ex-Gay Myth. Funny, provocative, and informative, this unique book puts a…

    Paperback – 2007-03-26

  • Man Talk

    The Gay Couple's Communication Guide, 1st Edition

    By Neil Kaminsky

    Learn to recognize and resolve communication problems common to gay male relationshipsMan Talk presents effective techniques to help gay couples communicate better on the way to enjoying a fulfilling relationship. This practical guide from the author of Affirmative Gay Relationships examines common…

    Paperback – 2007-03-14

  • Creating Safe Environments for LGBT Students

    A Catholic Schools Perspective, 1st Edition

    Make sure your Catholic school's LGBT students are getting the support they need Creating Safe Environments for LGBT Students is a comprehensive training guidebook for educators who are committed to diversity and the full inclusion of LGBT students in every aspect of the Catholic high school…

    Paperback – 2007-03-02

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