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  • Queer China

    Lesbian and Gay Literature and Visual Culture under Postsocialism, 1st Edition

    By Hongwei Bao

    This book analyses queer cultural production in contemporary China to map the broad social transformations in gender, sexuality and desire. It examines queer literature and visual cultures in China’s post-Mao and postsocialist era to show how these diverse cultural forms and practices not only…

    Paperback – 2020-05-28 
    Routledge India
    Literary Cultures of the Global South

  • Impacts of Sex Crime Laws on the Female Partners of Convicted Offenders

    Never Free of Collateral Consequences, 1st Edition

    By Lisa Anne Zilney

    This work is an exploratory examination of the experiences, motivations, and coping mechanisms of women who are involved in intimate relationships with registered sexual offenders. The study focuses on both women who were involved with the offender prior to the commission of his offense and stayed…

    Paperback – 2020-07-08 

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