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  • Counseling Techniques

    Improving Relationships with Others, Ourselves, Our Families, and Our Environment, 2nd Edition

    By Rosemary A. Thompson

    This book describes counseling techniques from a broad spectrum of theoretical approaches, and gives mental health practitioners multiple therapy options for working with clients.…

    Paperback – 2003-07-15

  • Human Services Dictionary

    1st Edition

    By Howard Rosenthal

    Written in an interesting, accessible and informative manner, with 1600 entries this book is an ideal reference for human service professionals and students preparing for exams. Special features include: extensive cross-referencing, a directory of human service organizations, short biographies of…

    Paperback – 2003-01-22

  • Leaders and Legacies

    Contributions to the Profession of Counseling, 1st Edition

    By John West, Don Bubenzer, Cynthia Osborn

    Leaders and Legacies discusses leadership involvements in the historical development of the profession of counseling. The lives of 23 noteworthy counselors are also chronicled, documenting their dreams, work and accomplishments.…

    Paperback – 2003-01-22

  • Choosing a Counselling or Psychotherapy Training

    A Practical Guide, 1st Edition

    By Sylvie K. Schapira

    There are a bewildering number of counselling and psychotherapy courses on offer: yet often trainees are not fully aware of the implications of their choice of course for their time, finances and future career until they have already begun training. Choosing a Counselling or Psychotherapy Training…

    Paperback – 1999-11-11

  • Stress in Psychotherapists

    1st Edition

    Edited by Ved P Varma, Ved Varma

    Those who spend most of their time dealing with other people's stress are most vulnerable to stress themselves. Stress in Psychotherapists highlights the pressures experienced by psychotherapists and examines how the effects vary according to the problems they treat, the settings in which they work…

    Paperback – 1997-01-02

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