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  • Cocaine Solutions

    Help for Cocaine Abusers and Their Families, 1st Edition

    By Bruce Carruth, Jennifer Rice Licare, Katharine Delaney Mcloughlin

    Although the media focus on the rise of cocaine use and the evils of its abuse, the public receives little real information about the scope of the problem and its treatment. This timely, practical, and honest volume gets to the heart of the cocaine addiction problem. Cocaine Solutions not only…

    Paperback – 1990-09-21

  • Alcoholism Treatment Marketing

    Beyond T.V. Ads and Speeches, 1st Edition

    By Donald Self

    The annual economic burden of alcohol abuse in the United States is staggering, yet the alcoholism treatment industry has been historically plagued by governmental regulations, moral crusades, advocacy of specific treatment approaches, and a lack of marketing knowledge. Here is the first focused…

    Hardback – 1989-06-08

  • Practical Approaches in Treating Adolescent Chemical Dependency

    A Guide to Clinical Assessment and Intervention, 1st Edition

    By Paul B Henry, Bruce Carruth

    Here at last is a comprehensive volume on the often-ignored but vitally important subject of care for the chemically dependent adolescent. The most current treatment approaches are included, all focused on the unique needs of this population. For the first time, a book on adolescent chemical…

    Paperback – 1989-05-01

  • Treatment of Substance Abuse

    Psychosocial Occupational Therapy Approaches, 1st Edition

    By Diane Gibson

    This timely volume fills a long-standing gap in the professional literature by providing an overview of contemporary assessment and rehabilitation of alcohol and chemical dependent substance abusers. Although many occupational therapists and other activity therapy staff work in substance abuse…

    Hardback – 1989-01-11

  • AIDS and Substance Abuse

    1st Edition

    By Larry Siegel, Barry Stimmel

    The relationship between AIDS and chemical dependency is explored in this timely book. Experts examine the role of alcohol and other drugs in the AIDS epidemic and suggest guidelines to chemical dependency professionals for halting the spread of the disease. They also offer insights into whether…

    Paperback – 1988-05-20

  • Guide to Psychoactive Drugs

    1st Edition

    By Richard B Seymour, David E Smith

    Invaluable clinical and treatment information on the most powerful mind-altering drugs in use today. Compiled by two leading professionals from the renowned Haight Ashbury Clinic, the information is based on national and international studies undertaken at the clinic, as well as from 600,000…

    Paperback – 1987-06-01

  • A Great and Growing Evil?

    The Medical Effects of Alcohol, 1st Edition

    By Royal College of Physicians

    First published in 1987. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.…

    Paperback – 1987-04-02

  • Drunk Driving in America

    Strategies and Approaches to Treatment, 1st Edition

    By Bruce Carruth, Stephen K Valle

    This unique volume discusses research, policy, and treatment approaches to one of America’s most serious problems--the drunk driver. The authors--many of the countries most dedicated professionals from academic, research, correctional, public health, and judicial system backgrounds--present an…

    Hardback – 1986-12-08

  • Childhood and Chemical Abuse

    Prevention and Intervention, 1st Edition

    By Karol L Kumpfer, Stephanie Griswold-Ezekoye, Mary Frank

    Childhood and Chemical Abuse highlights the most recent prevention and intervention strategies for fighting substance abuse among children and adolescents. The contributors--all experienced researchers and service providers in the chemical abuse field--clarify the negative impact that substance…

    Hardback – 1986-01-01

  • Treatment of Black Alcoholics

    1st Edition

    By Bruce Carruth, Frances L Brisbane, Maxine Womble

    Here is a wealth of information on helping black alcoholics and their families. Authorities discuss the policies, programs, and personnel that are needed to sensitively and effectively meet the treatment needs of black alcoholics. In a clear and concise look at the devastating disease of alcoholism…

    Hardback – 1985-01-01

  • Alcohol and Substance Abuse in Adolescence

    1st Edition

    By Judith Brook, Barry Stimmel

    This timely volume explores the possible reasons that young people turn to drugs, the most effective methods to manage those who are afflicted, and ways to educate youth to prevent their initial drug involvement.…

    Hardback – 1985-01-01

  • Cultural and Sociological Aspects of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse

    1st Edition

    By Barry Stimmel

    In this highly informative book on the sociocultural interactions between alcoholism and drug abuse, experts explore the relationship of such factors as ethnicity, family, religion, and gender to chemical abuse and address important implications for treatment.…

    Hardback – 1984-01-01

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