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  • Extracellular Matrix

    1st Edition

    By W.D. Comper

    Hardback – 1996-06-30
    CRC Press

  • Calcium and Magnesium Metabolism in Early Life

    1st Edition

    By Reginald C. Tsang

    This exciting new book introduces emerging concepts of the physiology and pathophysiology of mineral metabolism. Fetal, neonatal and infant growth challenge the mineral homeostatic system in a remarkable manner, and the interplay of genetics, hormone responses, nutrition and external physical…

    Hardback – 1995-01-09
    CRC Press

  • Growth Hormone

    1st Edition

    By Stephen Harvey, Colin G. Scanes, William H. Daughaday

    This exciting new book provides a thorough and comprehensive review of growth hormone physiology and pathophysiology, including its therapeutic and agricultural use.…

    Hardback – 1994-12-27
    CRC Press

  • Atlas of Prenatal Rat Brain Development

    1st Edition

    By Joseph Altman, Shirley A. Bayer

    The result of 3 decades of original research and instruction by internationally referenced authors, Drs. Joseph Altman and Shirley A. Bayer, the Atlas of Prenatal Rat Brain Development provides a complete, state-of-the-art presentation of the developing prenatal rat brain. With the aid of advanced…

    Hardback – 1994-11-21
    CRC Press

  • Developmental Biology and Cancer

    1st Edition

    By Gisele M. Hodges, Charles Rowlatt

    This book addresses possible analogies between cancer and developmental biology. An international group of experts provides a multidisciplinary approach, allowing biological or clinical scientists involved with cancer research to integrate specific information from diverse areas.Five concepts of…

    Hardback – 1993-09-27
    CRC Press

  • Morphogenesis

    An Analysis of the Development of Biological Form: An Analysis of the Development of Biological Form, 1st Edition

    By Edward F. Rossomando, Stephen Alexander

    An integrated reference which could form the basis for advanced courses on development or become a resource for individuals teaching basic courses. Following an introduction by the volume editors, the 11 chapters represent 11 different systems, arranged phylogenetically, beginning with prokaryotic s…

    Hardback – 1992-04-30
    CRC Press

  • Developmental Neurobiology of Breathing

    1st Edition

    Edited by Gabriel Haddad

    This monograph provides a comprehensive basis for understanding the complex interactions that take place between synaptic input, cellular properties, and the oscillatory output of a neural network, especially in the maturing or developing nervous system. Emphasis is placed on drawing a parallel betw…

    Hardback – 1991-06-28
    CRC Press
    Lung Biology in Health and Disease

  • Insulin-like Growth Factors

    Molecular and Cellular Aspects, 1st Edition

    By Derek LeRoith

    During the past decade, the continued interest in insulin-related growth factors has been documented by a plethora of research programs and publications focused on these growth factors. Both molecular and cellular biological techniques have improved and enabled investigators to study the properties…

    Hardback – 1991-05-28
    CRC Press

  • Mechanisms of Differentiation, Volume I

    1st Edition

    By Paul B. Fisher

    Significant recent advances in cell culture technology now permit a detailed biochemical and molecular analysis of differentiation in both normal and tumor cells. These studies are important in attempting to understand the complex factors involved in normal growth and development, as well as the…

    Hardback – 1990-08-27
    CRC Press

  • Growth Control During Cell Aging

    1st Edition

    By Eugenia Wang, Huber R. Warner

    The purpose of this book is to provide information on senescent cells and why they are prevented from multiplying via cell division. It includes main sections on the nature of Go/1 transition, factors promoting the cell cycle traverse and avoiding the Go/1 arrest, and negative factors arresting the…

    Hardback – 1989-09-30
    CRC Press

  • Growth Factors in Mammalian Development

    1st Edition

    By I. Y. Rosenblum

    The purpose of this volume is to review and discuss key growth factor systems that have been implicated in embryogenesis. Emphasis is placed on the insulin family of peptides, including insulin and the structurally and functionally related insulin-like growth factors. The initial chapters provide…

    Hardback – 1989-08-31
    CRC Press

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