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  • iOS Reverse Engineering

    By Yinglu Zou

    SVideo cassette – 2017-07-31 
    CRC Press

  • Artificial Intelligence with Uncertainty, Second Edition

    By Deyi Li, Yi Du

    This book develops a framework that shows how uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (AI) expands and generalizes traditional AI. It explores the uncertainties of knowledge and intelligence. The authors focus on the importance of natural language – the carrier of knowledge and intelligence, and…

    Hardback – 2017-05-10 
    CRC Press

  • Logic: The Basics

    2nd Edition

    By Jc Beall, Shay A. Logan

    Logic: The Basics is an accessible introduction to several core areas of logic. The first part of the book features a self-contained introduction to the standard topics in classical logic, such as: · mathematical preliminaries · propositional logic · quantified logic (first monadic, then polyadic)…

    Paperback – 2017-02-21
    The Basics

  • Computational Science and Engineering

    Proceedings of the International Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (Beliaghata, Kolkata, India, 4-6 October 2016)

    Edited by Arpan Deyasi, Soumen Mukherjee, Pampa Debnath, Arup Kumar Bhattacharjee

    Computational Science and Engineering contains peer-reviewed research presented at the International Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (RCC Institute of Information Technology, Kolkata, India, 4-6 October 2016). The contributions cover a wide range of topics: - electronic devices-…

    Hardback – 2016-12-12
    CRC Press

  • Video Game Marketing

    A student textbook

    By Peter Zackariasson, Mikolaj Dymek

    The video game industry has been one of the fastest-growing cultural phenomena of our times with market conditions that demand a specific skill set from its marketers. To a new generation of "indie gamers", being a game developer isn’t just about design and production, a successful video game…

    Paperback – 2016-09-30

  • Quest For A Unified Theory

    Edited by Wolfgang Hofkirchner

    First published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.…

    Paperback – 2016-06-21

  • Computer Science in Sport

    Research and Practice

    Edited by Arnold Baca

    Computers are a fundamentally important tool in sport science research, sports performance analysis and, increasingly, in coaching and education programmes in sport. This book defines the field of ‘sport informatics’, explaining how computer science can be used to solve sport-related problems, in…

    Paperback – 2016-06-01
    Routledge Research in Sport and Exercise Science

  • Advances in Mechanics: Theoretical, Computational and Interdisciplinary Issues

    Proceedings of the 3rd Polish Congress of Mechanics (PCM) and 21st International Conference on Computer Methods in Mechanics (CMM), Gdansk, Poland, 8-11 September 2015

    Edited by Michał Kleiber, Tadeusz Burczyński, Krzysztof Wilde, Jaroslaw Gorski, Karol Winkelmann, Łukasz Smakosz

    Advances in Mechanics: Theoretical, Computational and Interdisciplinary Issues covers the domain of theoretical, experimental and computational mechanics as well as interdisciplinary issues, such as industrial applications. Special attention is paid to the theoretical background and practical…

    Hardback – 2016-05-05
    CRC Press

  • From Action Systems to Distributed Systems

    The Refinement Approach

    Edited by Luigia Petre, Emil Sekerinski

    Formal methods traditionally address the question of transforming software engineering into a mature engineering discipline. This essentially refers to trusting that the software-intensive systems that form our society’s infrastructures are behaving according to their specifications. More recently,…

    Hardback – 2016-04-27
    Chapman and Hall/CRC

  • Electrical, Control Engineering and Computer Science

    Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Electrical, Control Engineering and Computer Science (ECECS 2015, Hong Kong, 30-31 May 2015)

    Edited by Liu Jian

    Electrical, Control Engineering and Computer Science includes the papers from ECECS2015 (Hong Kong, 30-31 May 2015), which was organized by the American Society of Science and Engineering (ASEE), a non-profit society for engineers and scientists. Presenting new theories, ideas, techniques and…

    Hardback – 2015-12-30
    CRC Press

  • Systems and Computer Technology

    Proceedings of the 2014 Internaional Symposium on Systems and Computer technology, (ISSCT 2014), Shanghai, China, 15-17 November 2014

    Edited by Yunfei Chen, Xiaodong Liu, Lipo Wang, Chunlei Ji, Qiang Sun, Yuan Ren, Xin Wang

    This volume consists of papers presented at the 2014 International Symposium on Systems and Computer Technology (ISSCT 2014, Shanghai, China, 15-17 November 2014). The demand for systems and informatics have been constantly increasing, as more and more computer applications have been built. Great…

    Hardback – 2015-09-17
    CRC Press

  • Frontiers in Computer Education

    Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Frontiers in Computer Education (ICFCE 2014), Wuhan, China, December 24–25, 2014

    Edited by Yuanzhi Wang

    This proceedings volume contains selected papers presented at the 2014 International Conference on Frontiers in Computer Education (ICFCE 2014), which was held December 24-25, 2014, in Wuhan, China. The objective of this conference was to provide a forum for different researchers in different…

    Hardback – 2015-07-28
    CRC Press

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