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  • Practical Guide to Large Database Migration

    1st Edition

    By Preston Zhang

    It is a major challenge to migrate very large databases from one system, say for example, to transfer critical data from Oracle to SQL Server. One has to consider several issues such as loss of data being transferred, the security of the data, the cost and effort, technical aspects of the software…

    Hardback – 2019-04-01 
    CRC Press

  • Big Data

    A Tutorial-Based Approach, 1st Edition

    By Nasir Raheem

    Big Data: A Tutorial-Based Approach explores the tools and techniques used to bring about the marriage of structured and unstructured data. It focuses on Hadoop Distributed Storage and MapReduce Processing by implementing (i) Tools and Techniques of Hadoop Eco System, (ii) Hadoop Distributed File…

    Hardback – 2019-02-25
    Chapman and Hall/CRC

  • A Practical Guide to Database Design

    2nd Edition

    By Rex Hogan

    Fully updated and expanded from the previous edition, A Practical Guide to Database Design, Second Edition, is intended for those involved in the design or development of a database system or application. It begins by focusing on how to create a logical data model where data is stored "where it…

    Hardback – 2018-03-16
    Chapman and Hall/CRC

  • Creating Value with Big Data Analytics

    Making Smarter Marketing Decisions, 1st Edition

    By Peter C. Verhoef, Edwin Kooge, Natasha Walk

    Our newly digital world is generating an almost unimaginable amount of data about all of us. Such a vast amount of data is useless without plans and strategies that are designed to cope with its size and complexity, and which enable organisations to leverage the information to create value. This…

    Paperback – 2016-01-14

  • The Data Bank Society (Routledge Revivals)

    Organizations, Computers and Social Freedom, 1st Edition

    By John Smith

    This study, written in the context of its first publication in 1970, discusses and documents the invasion of privacy by the corporation and the social institution in the search for efficiency in information processing. Discussing areas such as the impact of the computer on administration, privacy…

    Paperback – 2015-01-19
    Routledge Revivals

  • The FRBR Family of Conceptual Models

    Toward a Linked Bibliographic Future, 1st Edition

    Edited by Richard P. Smiraglia, Pat Riva, Maja Žumer

    Since 1998 when FRBR (Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records) was first published by IFLA, the effort to develop and apply FRBR has been extended in many innovative and experimental directions. Papers in this volume explain and expand upon the extended family of FRBR models including…

    Hardback – 2013-05-07

  • Advances in Spatio-Temporal Analysis

    1st Edition

    Edited by Xinming Tang, Yaolin Liu, Jixian Zhang, Wolfgang Kainz

    Developments in Geographic Information Technology have raised the expectations of users. A static map is no longer enough; there is now demand for a dynamic representation. Time is of great importance when operating on real world geographical phenomena, especially when these are dynamic. …

    Hardback – 2007-08-23
    CRC Press
    ISPRS Book Series

  • Next Generation Geospatial Information

    From Digital Image Analysis to Spatiotemporal Databases, 1st Edition

    By Peggy Agouris, Arie Croituru

    With the turn of the century our ability to collect and store geospatial information has increased considerably. This has resulted in ever-increasing amounts of heterogeneous geospatial data, an issue that poses new challenges and opportunities. As these rich sources of data are made available,…

    Hardback – 2005-08-11
    CRC Press
    ISPRS Book Series

  • Application of Computers and Operations Research in the Mineral Industry

    Proceedings of the 32nd International Symposium on the Application of Computers and Operations Research in the Mineral Industry (APCOM) 2005), Tucson, USA, 30 March - 1 April 2005, 1st Edition

    Edited by Sean Dessureault, Rajive Ganguli, Vladislav Kecojevic, Jami Girard-Dwyer

    APCOM is a peer-reviewed forum for industrial and research communities working in the mineral industry to share expertise on the application of computer and operations research technology. Recognized since the 1960s as the world’s premier conference in the field, APCOM features an impressive range…

    Pack – 2005-03-17
    CRC Press

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