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  • Writing for the Web

    Composing, Coding, and Constructing Web Sites, 1st Edition

    By J.D. Applen

    Writing for the Web unites theory, technology, and practice to explore writing and hypertext for website creation. It integrates such key topics as XHTML/CSS coding, writing (prose) for the Web, the rhetorical needs of the audience, theories of hypertext, usability and architecture, and the basics…

    Paperback – 2013-06-26

  • Wordplay and the Discourse of Video Games

    Analyzing Words, Design, and Play, 1st Edition

    By Christopher A. Paul

    In this timely new book, Christopher Paul analyzes how the words we use to talk about video games and the structures that are produced within games shape a particular way of gaming by focusing on how games create meaning, lead to identification and division, persuade, and circulate ideas. Paul…

    Paperback – 2013-02-14
    Routledge Studies in New Media and Cyberculture

  • The Rhetoric of Intellectual Property

    Copyright Law and the Regulation of Digital Culture, 1st Edition

    By Jessica Reyman

    In recent years we have witnessed a rising tension between the open architecture of the Internet and legal restrictions for online activities. The impact of digital recording technologies and distributed file sharing systems has forever changed the expectations of everyday users with regard to…

    Paperback – 2012-11-13
    Routledge Studies in Rhetoric and Communication

  • The Routledge Reader in Rhetorical Criticism

    1st Edition

    Edited by Brian Ott, Greg Dickinson

    Bringing together 50 key readings on rhetorical criticism in a single accessible format, The Rhetorical Criticism Reader furnishes instructors with an ideal resource for teaching and practicing the art of rhetorical criticism. Unlike existing readers and textbooks, which rely on cookie-cutter…

    Paperback – 2012-10-17

  • A Short History of Writing Instruction

    From Ancient Greece to Contemporary America, 3rd Edition

    Edited by James J. Murphy

    Short enough to be synoptic, yet long enough to be usefully detailed, A Short History of Writing Instruction is the ideal text for undergraduate courses and graduate seminars in rhetoric and composition. It preserves the legacy of writing instruction from antiquity to contemporary times with a…

    Paperback – 2012-03-14

  • Debate and Critical Analysis

    The Harmony of Conflict, 1st Edition

    By Robert James Branham

    Rather than approach debate primarily as a form of interscholastic competition, this unique book identifies it as an activity that occurs in many settings: scientific conferences, newspaper op-ed pages, classrooms, courts of law, and everyday domestic life. Debate is discussed as an integral part…

    Paperback – 2011-12-09
    Routledge Communication Series

  • Rhetoric and Philosophy

    1st Edition

    Edited by Richard A. Cherwitz, Henry W. Johnstone Jr.

    This important volume explores alternative ways in which those involved in the field of speech communication have attempted to find a philosophical grounding for rhetoric. Recognizing that rhetoric can be supported in a wide variety of ways, this text examines eight different philosophies of…

    Paperback – 2011-12-02

  • Communication Matters

    Materialist Approaches to Media, Mobility and Networks, 1st Edition

    Edited by Jeremy Packer, Stephen B. Crofts Wiley

    Communication has often been understood as a realm of immaterial, insubstantial phenomena—images, messages, thoughts, languages, cultures, and ideologies—mediating our embodied experience of the concrete world. Communication Matters challenges this view, assembling leading scholars in the fields of…

    Paperback – 2011-11-10
    Shaping Inquiry in Culture, Communication and Media Studies

  • Ramus, Pedagogy and the Liberal Arts

    Ramism in Britain and the Wider World, 1st Edition

    By Emma Annette Wilson

    Edited by Steven J. Reid

    Most early modern scholars know that Petrus Ramus (1515-1572) is important, but may be rather vague as to where his importance lies. This new collection of essays analyses the impact of the logician, rhetorician and pedagogical innovator across a variety of countries and intellectual disciplines,…

    Hardback – 2011-10-24

  • Queer Temporalities in Gay Male Representation

    Tragedy, Normativity, and Futurity, 1st Edition

    By Dustin Bradley Goltz

    Through the analysis of over seventy films and thirty television series, ranging from Shortbus, Sweet Home Alabama, and Poseidon to Noah’s Arc, Brothers & Sisters, and Dawson’s Creek, Goltz examines reoccurring narrative structures in popular media that perpetuate the extreme value placed upon…

    Paperback – 2011-07-01
    Routledge Studies in Rhetoric and Communication

  • True to the Language Game

    African American Discourse, Cultural Politics, and Pedagogy, 1st Edition

    By Keith Gilyard

    In True to the Language Game, Keith Gilyard, one of the major African American figures to emerge in language and cultural studies, makes his most seminal work available in one volume. This collection of new and previously published essays contains Gilyard’s most relevant scholarly contributions to…

    Paperback – 2011-03-21

  • Law, Hermeneutics and Rhetoric

    1st Edition

    By Francis J. Mootz Iii

    Mootz offers an antidote to the fragmentation of contemporary legal theory with a collection of essays arguing that legal practice is a hermeneutical and rhetorical event that can best be understood and theorized in those terms. This is not a modern insight that wipes away centuries of dogmatic…

    Hardback – 2010-10-28

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