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  • Towards Professional Wisdom

    Practical Deliberation in the People Professions, 1st Edition

    By Cecelia Clegg

    People professions - such as social work, teaching, nursing, ministry and counselling - are at heart ethical or moral enterprises. Much recent theorizing has been concerned to show that effective professional deliberation and judgement cannot be reduced either to technical rationality or to simple…

    Paperback – 2011-10-05

  • Managing Networks of Creativity

    1st Edition

    Edited by Fiorenza Belussi, Udo Hermann Staber

    The aim of the Managing Networks of Creativity is to improve our understanding of creativity and the management of creativity, as discussed in the fields of management (including strategic management, organization science, organizational behaviour, and entrepreneurship), economics, sociology,…

    Hardback – 2011-09-23
    Routledge Studies in Innovation, Organizations and Technology

  • Unions and Globalisation

    Governments, Management, and the State at Work, 1st Edition

    By Peter Fairbrother, John O'Brien, Anne Junor, Michael O'Donnell, Glynne Williams

    In recent decades, trade unions have suffered major reversals and experienced declining memberships. Transnational corporations and state-owned multi-nationals have increasingly implemented deteriorating terms and conditions of employment, with vulnerable and insecure job contracts. In this…

    Hardback – 2011-09-15
    Routledge Studies in Employment and Work Relations in Context

  • Rethinking Management

    Radical Insights from the Complexity Sciences, 1st Edition

    By Chris Mowles

    What do business school graduates learn, and how helpful is it for managing in the everyday, messy reality of organisations? What does it mean to apply 'best practice', or to take up 'evidence-based management' and what kind of thinking does this imply? In Rethinking Management, Chris Mowles…

    Hardback – 2011-09-02

  • Knowledge Sharing in Professions

    Roles and Identity in Expert Communities, 1st Edition

    By Alexander Styhre

    No professional is an island. Despite their capacity to monopolize and erect entry barriers in terms of either formal credentials or membership of certain organizations, professionalism is inextricably bound up with collective accomplishments on a day-to-day basis and the capacity to share all the…

    Hardback – 2011-08-28

  • Diversity in the Workplace

    Multi-disciplinary and International Perspectives, 1st Edition

    By Stefan Gröschl

    Most regions and countries in the world are experiencing increasingly diverse populations and labour markets. While the causes may vary, the challenges businesses face due to a heightened awareness of this diversity are often similar. Internally, organisations promote diversity and manage…

    Hardback – 2011-08-28

  • Continuing Professional Development

    1st Edition

    By Andrew L. Friedman

    Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the means by which the professions across the world ensure that their knowledge and skills remain up to date and relevant to changing needs and environments. CPD significantly contributes to the quality and reputation of the professions and therefore to…

    Hardback – 2011-08-24

  • The Politics of Industrial Relations

    Labor Unions in Spain, 1st Edition

    By Kerstin Hamann

    As unions in most other industrialized democracies continue to decline, unions in Spain have been able to regain and maintain strength despite unfavorable institutional, political, and economic conditions. The Politics of Industrial Relations provides a comprehensive analysis of Spanish unions from…

    Hardback – 2011-07-27
    Routledge Research in Employment Relations

  • Economy, Work, and Education

    Critical Connections, 1st Edition

    By Catherine Casey

    Economy, Work and Education: Critical Connections addresses effects of neoliberal capitalism in particular regard to work and education. The book elaborates key aspects and problems of generalized policy models of knowledge-based economies and learning societies in contexts of liberalized firm…

    Hardback – 2011-07-27
    Routledge Advances in Management and Business Studies

  • Individuals, Groups, and Business Ethics

    1st Edition

    By Chris Provis

    Corporate social responsibility has become a heavily discussed topic in business ethics. Identifying some generally accepted moral principles as a basis for discussion, Individuals, Groups, and Business Ethics examines ethical dimensions of our relationships with families, friends and workmates,…

    Hardback – 2011-07-27
    Routledge Studies in Business Ethics

  • Occupational Health and Safety

    1st Edition

    By Sharon Clarke

    Edited by Ronald J. Burke

    Workplace accidents and errors cost organizations hundreds of billions of dollars each year, and the injured workers and their families endure considerable financial and emotional suffering. It's obvious that increasing employee health and safety pays. The accumulating evidence shows that investing…

    Hardback – 2011-06-28
    Psychological and Behavioural Aspects of Risk

  • Why Organizational Change Fails

    Robustness, Tenacity, and Change in Organizations, 1st Edition

    By Leike van Oss, Jaap van 't Hek

    Change in organizations can arise spontaneously, or it can begin in response to a planned process of change. Even planned change is not as predictable as one might like it to be; it is often partial or incomplete, or the results of change may not be what one hoped. The aspects of an organization…

    Hardback – 2011-05-25
    Routledge Studies in Management, Organizations and Society

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