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  • Resilience, Risk and Reason

    A Guide to Methods and Implementation

    By John Arthur, Louise Moody

    Resilience, Risk and Reason reflects the need for organizations to adopt a distributed, risk-based, reasoning approach at the heart of their operations. John Arthur and Louise Moody draw on research and a lifetime in risk, safety and crisis prevention, to bring together ideas from the worlds of,…

    Hardback – 2017-10-01 

  • Purchasing Scams and How to Avoid Them

    By Trevor Kitching

    This title was first published in 2001. Purchasing scams are not a high profile topic in the boardroom or indeed in the purchasing department - victims don’t like to talk about their experience. They don’t want to admit that they were gullible enough to be fooled by a fake invoice or a plausible…

    Hardback – 2017-09-30 
    Routledge Revivals

  • Management Careers and Education in Shipping and Logistics

    By John Dinwoodie

    This title was first published in 2000. This investigation into why aspiring managers chose to study shipping and logistics in the UK uniquely discusses the issues which influenced their academic and career choices. It catalogues the attractions and deterrents to advanced study in an industry…

    Hardback – 2017-09-30 

  • The Routledge Handbook of Transport Economics

    Edited by Jonathan Cowie, Stephen Ison

    The Routledge Handbook of Transport Economics offers the first state of the art overview of the discipline of transport economics as it stands today, reflective of key research and policy. Transport is an important area of study and one which is problem rich, stimulating a great deal of debate in…

    Hardback – 2017-08-29 

  • Marketing and Supply Chain Management

    A Systemic Approach

    By Dimitris Folinas, Thomas Fotiadis

    Organizations are now recognizing the importance of demand-supply integration to their growth and success. While marketing and supply chain management are an essential part of any business qualification, it is becoming increasingly essential to understand the need for integration between synergize…

    Paperback – 2017-08-21 

  • Automotive Global Value Chain

    The Rise of Mega Suppliers

    By Wilson Kia Onn Wong

    Today, some suppliers have grown increasingly powerful and in certain cases, earn revenues that rival or even exceed that of their automaker clients. In the pre-globalisation period, automakers wielded absolute power over their significantly smaller suppliers. This book reveals the upending of this…

    Hardback – 2017-08-21 
    Routledge Advances in Management and Business Studies

  • Principles of Port Management

    By Peter de Langen, Theo Notteboom, Athanasios Pallis

    Principles of Port Management provides professionals in freight transport and maritime logistics, and specifically the port industry, as well as (postgraduate and post-experience) students in these fields with a better conceptual understanding of the port industry, key insights and best practices…

    Paperback – 2017-07-01 

  • Eco-Innovation and Sustainability Management

    By Bart Bossink

    Sustainability is a phenomenon that must be pursued in a complex system of interrelated elements of business, society, and ecology. It is important to gain an understanding of these elements, the interplay between them, and the behavior of the system. This book explores the…

    Paperback – 2017-06-30 
    Routledge Studies in Innovation, Organizations and Technology

  • Climate Change Adaptation and Food Supply Chain Management

    Edited by Ari Paloviita, Marja Järvelä

    The success of the entire food supply chain depends on the prosperity of farms and local communities. The direct climate change risks faced by the agricultural sector are therefore also risks to businesses and food supply chains. Hence the importance of resilience at farm level, community level and…

    Paperback – 2017-05-25
    Routledge Advances in Climate Change Research

  • The Outsourcing Manual

    By Robert White, Barry James

    Large companies and small are increasingly seeing outsourcing as a means of making the most of their more limited resources. But how do you know whether it is right for your organization? What benefits are on offer and how do you ensure you realize them? How do you begin to construct a…

    Paperback – 2017-05-24

  • Creating Collaborative Advantage

    Innovation and Knowledge Creation in Regional Economies

    By Hans Christian Garmann Johnsen, Richard Ennals

    In the emerging new collaborative economic order, innovation is achieved by an integrated process of collaboration between policymakers, business and society. Often, the focus for this collaboration is at a regional level. Creating Collaborative Advantage examines the trends in innovation policy…

    Paperback – 2017-05-22

  • Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

    A Sustainability Perspective, 2nd Edition

    By Thomas Johnsen, Mickey Howard, Joe Miemczyk

    Paperback – 2017-05-20

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