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  • Power Engineering

    Advances and Challenges Part B Electrical Power

    Edited by Viorel Badescu, George Christian Lazaroiu, Linda Barelli

    With the advent of climate change on the horizon, humanity faces numerous adjustments in their way of life, including the attitude towards environmental protection and the depletion of traditional energy resources. These changes have significant impacts in the power production sector. Future energy…

    Hardback – 2018-09-15 
    CRC Press

  • Energy, Resource Extraction and Society

    Impacts and Contested Futures

    Edited by Anna Szolucha

    Energy is central to the fabric of society. This book revisits the classic notions of energy impacts by examining the social effects of resource extraction and energy projects which are often overlooked. Energy impacts are often reduced to the narrow configurations of greenhouse gas emissions,…

    Hardback – 2018-09-11 
    Routledge Studies of the Extractive Industries and Sustainable Development

  • The Social License

    The Story of the San Cristobal Mine

    By Robert Boutilier, Ian Thomson

    This unique book combines a colourful history of Bolivian politics with some of the most advanced quantitative techniques yet developed for socio-political risk analysis. This is the story of how a foreign-owned private sector mining company (Minera San Cristobal) earned, lost, and regained its…

    Paperback – 2018-09-11 

  • The Opportunity of Bioelectricity

    By Johan Albrecht

    All electricity generation technologies have advantages and disadvantages and biomass electricity is no different. The use of biomass in the energy sector is a major opportunity for low-income and emerging economies with large biomass supply potentials. Harvesting biomass is labour-intensive while…

    Hardback – 2018-09-01 
    Routledge Explorations in Environmental Economics

  • Water, Creativity and Meaning

    Multidisciplinary understandings of human-water relationships

    Edited by Liz Roberts, Katherine Phillips

    At a time of great turmoil and crisis, environmentally, socially and politically, water has emerged as a topic of huge global concern. Moreover, many argue that what is needed in order to change our relationship with the environment is a cultural paradigm shift. To this end, this volume…

    Hardback – 2018-08-13 
    Earthscan Studies in Water Resource Management

  • Petroleum Industry Transformations

    Lessons from Norway and Beyond

    Edited by Taran Thune, Ole Andreas Engen, Olav Wicken

    Taking the case of the Norwegian petroleum industry as its vantage point, the book discusses the question of industrial transformations in resource-based industries. The book presents new, empirically-based analyses of the development of the petroleum industry, with an emphasis on three ongoing…

    Hardback – 2018-08-09 
    Routledge Studies in Energy Transitions

  • Natural Resources, Extraction and Indigenous Rights in Latin America

    Exploring the Boundaries of Environmental and State-Corporate Crime in Bolivia, Peru, and Mexico

    By Marcela Torres Wong

    In 1989, the International Labor Organization stated that all indigenous peoples living in the postcolonial world were entitled to the right to prior consultation, over activities that could potentially impact their territories and traditional livelihoods. However, in many cases the economic…

    Hardback – 2018-08-08 
    Crimes of the Powerful

  • The Nature of the Firm in the Oil Industry

    International Oil Companies in Global Business

    By Basak Beyazay

    Firm-to-firm relationships, along with the overall structure of industry, have changed markedly over the past decades. Replacing the model of vertical integration with one of global business, firms have started to outsource more by using a wider global network. At the same time, they have begun to…

    Paperback – 2018-08-08 
    Routledge Studies in International Business and the World Economy

  • Redesigning Petroleum Taxation

    Aligning Government and Investors in the UK

    By Emre Usenmez

    Since its inception some 40 years ago, petroleum-specific taxation in the UK has been subject to numerous modifications. Often these modifications were brought into place not only to sufficiently incentivise the investors but also to capture a fair share for the government. However, it is evident…

    Hardback – 2018-08-06 
    Routledge Explorations in Environmental Economics

  • Equality in Water and Sanitation Services

    Edited by Oliver Cumming, Tom Slaymaker

    There is growing acceptance that the progress delivered under the Millennium Development Goal target for drinking water and sanitation has been inequitable. As a result, the progressive reduction of inequalities is now an explicit focus of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) targets, adopted in…

    Paperback – 2018-07-30 
    Earthscan Water Text

  • Water, Climate Change and the Boomerang Effect

    Unintentional Consequences for Resource Insecurity

    Edited by Larry Swatuk, Lars Wirkus

    In line with COP21 agreements, state-led climate change mitigation and adaptation actions are being undertaken to transition to carbon-neutral, green economies. However, the capacity of many countries for action is limited and may result in a ‘boomerang effect’, defined as the unintended…

    Hardback – 2018-07-30 
    Earthscan Studies in Water Resource Management

  • Understanding ExtrACTIVISM

    Culture and Power in Nature Resource Disputes

    By Anna J. Willow

    Understanding ExtrACTIVISM examines current practice in, and activist responses to, the natural resource extraction industry. Following an activist anthropological approach, Willow provides a broad overview of the diverse extractive industries operating around the world, examining how culture and…

    Paperback – 2018-07-30 

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