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  • Diverse Quantization Phenomena in Layered Materials

    1st Edition

    By Chiun-Yan Lin, Ching-Hong Ho, Jhao-Ying Wu, Thi-Nga Do, Po-Hsin Shih, Shih-Yang Lin, Ming-Fa Lin

    This monograph offers a comprehensive overview of diverse quantization phenomena in layered materials, covering current mainstream experimental and theoretical research studies, and presenting essential properties of layered materials along with a wealth of figures. This book illustrates commonly…

    Hardback – 2019-12-20 
    CRC Press

  • Spontaneous Emission and Laser Oscillation in Microcavities

    1st Edition

    Edited by Yokoyama Hiroyuki, Kikuo Ujihara

    In spite of the increasing importance of microcavities, device physics or the observable phenomena in optical microcavities such as enhanced or inhibited spontaneous emission and its relation with the laser oscillation has not been systematically well-described-until now. Spontaneous Emission and…

    Paperback – 2019-10-07
    CRC Press

  • Advanced Materials for Sodium Ion Storage

    1st Edition

    By Ranjusha Rajagopalan, Lei Zhang

    Globally, lithium ion batteries (LIBs) are leaders in the energy storage sector but there are concerns regarding load leveling of renewable energy sources as well as smart grids and limited availability of lithium resources resulting in cost increase. Therefore, sodium ion batteries (SIBs) are…

    Hardback – 2019-07-02
    CRC Press

  • Sensors and Actuators

    1st Edition

    By D.A. Hall

    This book contains the proceedings of a conference held at the Manchester Business School on 15-16 July 1996. It covers the topics of fundamental materials studies and the design and fabrication of prototype devices, and represents a cross section of the UK activity in sensors and actuators.…

    Hardback – 1999-03-01
    CRC Press

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