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  • The Psychology of Safety Handbook

    2nd Edition

    By E. Scott Geller

    You cannot improve your organization's safety performance to enviable levels without addressing human behavior and attitude effectively. The only comprehensive reference on the psychology of the human dynamics of safety, The Psychology of Safety Handbook shows you how to apply psychology to improve…

    Hardback – 2000-12-21
    CRC Press

  • Portable Ventilation Systems Handbook

    1st Edition

    By Neil McManus

    Portable ventilation systems provide an option for supplementing installed ventilation, as well as providing a system for ventilation where none exists. Portable Ventilation Systems Handbook discusses the various types of portable ventilation systems currently in use, their advantages and…

    Hardback – 2000-08-29
    CRC Press

  • Product Warranty Handbook

    1st Edition

    By Wallace Blischke

    Covering product warranties, this work offers comprehensive examinations of fundamental concepts and furnishes detailed, immediately applicable results. It sets out to bridge the gap between theory and practice, and integrates the research of various disciplines that study warranty, illustrating…

    Hardback – 1995-11-03
    CRC Press

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