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  • Planetary Gear Trains

    1st Edition

    By Kiril Arnaudov, Dimitar Petkov Karaivanov

    This book provides comprehensive information for various planetary gear trains, with practical applications and comprehensive references to technical articles. In the text's chapters, readers can find all the information needed for various types of gear trains, with illustrations and examples. The…

    Hardback – 2019-04-16
    CRC Press

  • Contact Dynamics

    Method of Differential Specific Forces, 1st Edition

    By Nikolay Goloshchapov

    This volume describes the application of the method of the differential specific forces (MDSF). By using this new method, the solutions to the problems of a dissipative viscoelastic and elastic-plastic contacts between curvilinear surfaces of two solid bodies can be found. The novelty is that the…

    Hardback – 2019-02-13
    Apple Academic Press

  • Lubricant Blending and Quality Assurance

    1st Edition

    By R. David Whitby

    Many people, including those involved in the manufacturing, marketing and selling of lubricants, believe that blending lubricants is simply a matter of putting one or more base oils and several additives into a tank of some kind and stirring them around to mix them. Blending lubricants that meet…

    Hardback – 2018-10-24
    CRC Press

  • Friction, Wear, Lubrication

    A Textbook in Tribology, Second Edition, 2nd Edition

    By Kenneth C Ludema, Layo Ajayi

    The second edition of a bestseller, this book introduces tribology in a way that builds students’ knowledge and understanding. It includes expanded information on topics such as surface characterization as well as recent advances in the field. The book provides additional descriptions of common…

    Hardback – 2018-10-02
    CRC Press

  • Asymmetric Gearing

    1st Edition

    By Alexander L. Kapelevich

    The history of gears with asymmetric teeth is not sufficiently recorded in modern gear literature, with some gear researchers concluding that asymmetric tooth gears were discovered just several decades ago. This book sheds light upon the origins and state of asymmetric gearing, referencing…

    Hardback – 2018-09-17
    CRC Press

  • Theory of Gearing

    Kinematics, Geometry, and Synthesis, Second Edition, 2nd Edition

    By Stephen P. Radzevich

    Written by a leading expert, Theory of Gearing: Kinematics, Geometry, and Synthesis, Second Edition is intended for engineers and researchers in the field of gear design, gear production, gear inspection, and application of gears. It focuses on the scientific theory of gearing, in all its aspects,…

    Hardback – 2018-06-05
    CRC Press

  • Bearings

    Basic Concepts and Design Applications, 1st Edition

    By Maurice L. Adams

    Bearings: from Technoloogical Foundations to Practical Design Applications provides a modern study of bearing types, design factors, and industrial examples. The major classes of bearings are described, and design concepts are covered for rolling elements, surfaces, pivots, flexures, and compliance…

    Hardback – 2018-04-23
    CRC Press

  • Friction-Induced Vibrations and Self-Organization

    Mechanics and Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics of Sliding Contact, 1st Edition

    By Michael Nosonovsky, Vahid Mortazavi

    Many scientists and engineers do not realize that, under certain conditions, friction can lead to the formation of new structures at the interface, including in situ tribofilms and various patterns. In turn, these structures—usually formed by destabilization of the stationary sliding regime—can…

    Paperback – 2018-03-09
    CRC Press

  • Manufactured Carbon

    A Self-Lubricating Material for Mechanical Devices, 1st Edition

    By R.R. Paxton

    This book discusses manufactured carbon for the purposes of being a self-lubricating material for mechanical devices. Topics include; properties and graphite crystals, properties of manufactured carbon, the manufacture of carbon articles, machining carbon, carbon in mechanical seals, carbon in…

    Hardback – 2017-11-29
    CRC Press

  • Tribology and Applications of Self-Lubricating Materials

    1st Edition

    By Emad Omrani, Pradeep K. Rohatgi, Pradeep L. Menezes

    Tribology and Applications of Self-Lubricating Materials provides insight into the complex mechanisms behind the development of self-lubricating materials, which due to their ability to transfer embedded solid lubricants to the contact surface to decrease wear rate and friction in the absence of an…

    Hardback – 2017-11-06
    CRC Press

  • Gear Cutting Tools

    Science and Engineering, Second Edition, 1st Edition

    By Stephen P. Radzevich

    Gear Cutting Tools: Fundamentals of Design and Computation, Second Edition, presents the DG/K-based method of surface generation, a practical mathematical method for designing gear cutting tools with optimal parameters. The text addresss gear cutting tool evolution, and proceeds to scientific…

    Hardback – 2017-10-13
    CRC Press

  • Metalworking Fluids

    3rd Edition

    Edited by Jerry P. Byers

    This revised and expanded Third Edition contains 21 chapters summarizing the latest thinking on various technologies relating to metalworking fluid development, laboratory evaluation, metallurgy, industrial application, fluid maintenance, recycling, waste treatment, health, government regulations,…

    Hardback – 2017-09-20
    CRC Press
    Manufacturing Engineering and Materials Processing

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