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  • Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells

    Materials Properties and Performance, 1st Edition

    Edited by David P. Wilkinson, Jiujun Zhang, Rob Hui, Jeffrey Fergus, Xianguo Li

    A Detailed, Up-to-Date Treatment of Key Developments in PEMFC MaterialsThe potential to revolutionize the way we power our world Because of its lower temperature and special polymer electrolyte membrane, the proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) is well-suited for transportation, portable, and…

    Hardback – 2009-11-24
    CRC Press
    Green Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

  • Wind Power and Power Politics

    International Perspectives, 1st Edition

    Edited by Peter Strachan, David Lal, David Toke

    The aim of the book is to analyse the factors that have influenced wind power outcomes in a range of countries which have featured significant wind power deployment programmes. A central theme is the relationship between patterns of ownership and the outcomes. These flow from different social…

    Hardback – 2009-09-08
    Routledge Studies in Science, Technology and Society

  • Fast Liquid-Phase Processes in Turbulent Flows

    1st Edition

    By Karl Minsker, Alexander Berlin, Vadim Zakharov, Gennady Zaikov

    This book deals with the fundamental laws of passing of fast liquid-phase chemical as well as heat and mass transfer processes in turbulent flows. The fundamental laws of passing of fast liquid-phase chemical and also heat and mass transfer processes in turbulent flows are considered in the book.…

    Hardback – 2004-10-01
    CRC Press

  • Riparian Areas of the Southwestern United States

    Hydrology, Ecology, and Management, 1st Edition

    Edited by Peter F. Ffolliott, Leonard F. DeBano

    The demand for water resulting from massive population and economic growth in the southwestern U.S. overwhelmed traditional uses of riparian areas. As a consequence, many of these uniquely-structured ecosystems have been altered or destroyed. Within recent years people have become increasingly…

    Hardback – 2003-07-28
    CRC Press

  • Chemistry of Diesel Fuels

    1st Edition

    By Chunsham Song

    This edited work covers diesel fuel chemistry in a systematic fashion from initial fuel production to the tail pipe exhaust. The chapters are written by leading experts in the research areas of analytical characterization of diesel fuel, fuel production and refining, catalysis in fuel processing,…

    Hardback – 2000-09-01
    CRC Press

  • Convective Flow Boiling

    1st Edition

    By John C. Chen

    This book comprises selected papers from the First International Conference on Convective Flow Boiling. The purpose of the conference is to examine state-of-science and recent developments in technology of flow boiling, i.e., boiling systems which are affected by convective flows.…

    Hardback – 1996-07-01
    CRC Press

  • Combustion Engineering and Gas Utilisation

    1st Edition

    By British Gas

    Combustion Engineering & Gas Utilisation is a practical guide to sound engineering practice for engineers from industry and commerce responsible for the selection, installation, designing and maintenance of efficient and safe gas fired heating equipment.…

    Hardback – 1992-12-10

  • Combined Production of Heat and Power

    1st Edition

    Edited by J. Sirchis

    Proceedings of a European seminar organized by the CEC, Directorate-General for Energy and the Instituto para la Diversificacion y Ahorro de la Energia Eua (IDEA) with the cooperation of Gomez Pardo Foundation's Energy Commission, Madrid, Spain, 10-11 October 1989.…

    Hardback – 1990-08-09

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