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  • Human Factors in Multi-Crew Flight Operations

    1st Edition

    By Harry W. Orlady, Linda Orlady

    With the pace of ongoing technological and teamwork evolution across air transport, there has never been a greater need to master the application and effective implementation of leading edge human factors knowledge. Human Factors in Multi-Crew Flight Operations does just that. Written from the…

    Paperback – 1999-05-28

  • Flight Stress

    Stress, Fatigue and Performance in Aviation, 1st Edition

    By Alan F. Stokes, Kirsten Kite

    While stress and fatigue are often dealt with in other books on aviation performance and human factors, these realities of human vulnerability are now increasingly seen as central to the effective conduct of flight operations. Flight Stress provides a comprehensive treatment and a better…

    Paperback – 1997-07-03

  • The Future Air Navigation System (FANS)

    Communications, Navigation, Surveillance – Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM), 1st Edition

    By Vincent P. Galotti

    In view of the increase in air traffic, there has been a great deal of work by the nations of the world, under the auspices of ICAO, toward developing the concept for a future air navigation infrastructure to serve worldwide civil aviation efficiency. Even though the concept is well described and…

    Hardback – 1997-05-29

  • Applied Cognitive Task Analysis in Aviation

    1st Edition

    By Thomas L. Seamster, Richard E. Redding

    Due to the requirements of automatic system design, and new needs for the training of complex tasks, Cognitive Task Analysis (CTA) has been used with increasing frequency in recent years by the airline industry and air traffic control community. Its power is reflected in the literature on…

    Hardback – 1997-05-15

  • Aviation Psychology in Practice

    1st Edition

    By Neil Johnston, Nick McDonald

    This book seeks to extend the boundaries of aviation psychology in two interrelated ways: by broadening the focus of aviation psychology beyond the flight deck to the whole aviation system; and by discussing new theoretical developments which are shaping this applied discipline. A key feature of…

    Paperback – 1997-05-09

  • Head-Up Displays: Designing the Way Ahead

    1st Edition

    By Richard L. Newman

    This is a thorough description of this increasingly important technology, starting from the development of head-up displays (HUDs), particularly specifications and standards and operational problems associated with HUD use. HUD involvement in spatial disorientation and its use in recognizing and…

    Hardback – 1995-06-01

  • Human Factors in Flight: Student Workbook

    1st Edition

    By Craig S. Funk

    This student workbook is designed to help identify and master the key concepts in the Human Factors in Flight textbook. It provides the essential student materials which supplement the student text learning package. Each section provides performance objectives, followed by questions to prepare…

    Paperback – 1995-03-02

  • Cockpit Monitoring and Alerting Systems

    1st Edition

    By Paul M. Satchell

    While monitoring of computer-controlled systems is widespread, it is critically important in the cockpit of current passenger aircraft. Such monitoring requires special vigilance for those rare untoward events, which may be new to the pilot and which can have devastating consequences. This book…

    Hardback – 1993-05-06

  • Human Factors in Flight

    2nd Edition

    By Frank H. Hawkins

    Edited by Harry W. Orlady

    The late Captain Frank H Hawkins FRAes, M Phil, was Human Factors Consultant to KLM, for whom he had flown for over 30 years as line captain and R & D pilot, designing the flight decks for all KLM aircraft from the Viscount to the Boeing 747. In this period he developed and applied his…

    Paperback – 1993-03-04

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