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  • Contemporary Challenges in Teaching Young Children

    Meeting the Needs of All Students, 1st Edition

    Edited by Gayle Mindes

    Contemporary Challenges in Teaching Young Children provides both veteran and aspiring early childhood educators with the information and tools they need to build on their understanding of developmentally appropriate practice. Teachers face many challenges, including family configuration, social…

    Paperback – 2019-09-11

  • Motivation and Learning Strategies for College Success

    A Focus on Self-Regulated Learning, 6th Edition

    By Helena Seli, Myron H. Dembo

    Motivation and Learning Strategies for College Success provides a framework organized around motivation, methods of learning, time management, control of the physical and social environment, and monitoring performance that makes it easy for students to recognize what they need to do to become…

    Paperback – 2019-09-09

  • Teaching Landscape

    The Studio Experience, 1st Edition

    Edited by Karsten Jørgensen, Nilgül Karadeniz, Elke Mertens, Richard Stiles

    Teaching Landscape: The Studio Experience gathers a range of expert contributions from across the world to collect best-practice examples of teaching landscape architecture studios. This is the companion volume to The Routledge Handbook of Teaching Landscape in the two-part set initiated by the…

    Paperback – 2019-09-05

  • Emotions in the Law School

    Transforming Legal Education Through the Passions, 1st Edition

    By Emma Jones

    Law schools are failing both their staff and students by requiring them to prize reason and rationality and to suppress or ignore emotions. Despite innovations in terms of both content and teaching techniques, there is little evidence that emotions are effectively acknowledged or utilised within…

    Hardback – 2019-08-29
    Legal Pedagogy

  • Writing Democracy

    The Political Turn in and Beyond the Trump Era, 1st Edition

    Edited by Shannon Carter, Deborah Mutnick, Stephen Parks, Jessica Pauszek

    Writing Democracy: The Political Turn in and Beyond the Trump Era calls on the field of writing studies to take up a necessary agenda of social and economic change in its classrooms, its scholarship, and its communities to challenge the rise of neoliberalism and right-wing nationalism.    Grown out…

    Hardback – 2019-08-23
    Routledge Research in Writing Studies

  • Project-Based Learning in Second Language Acquisition

    Building Communities of Practice in Higher Education, 1st Edition

    Edited by Adrian Gras-Velazquez

    This book showcases pedagogical tools for learning languages through interdisciplinary project-based learning (PBL). Chapters demonstrate a diverse range of PBL activities that help students build communities of practice within classroom settings, and across local and global communities. Too often,…

    Hardback – 2019-08-05
    Routledge Research in Language Education

  • Teaching and Learning in Higher Education in India and Australia

    1st Edition

    Edited by James Arvanitakis, Sudhanshu Bhushan, Nayantara Pothen, Aarti Srivastava

    This book presents insights into the current state of higher education, emerging pedagogies and innovative technology-driven learning techniques in research and teaching. Focussing specifically on the higher education models in India and Australia, the volume explores concerns and policy…

    Paperback – 2019-07-26
    Routledge India

  • Post-Recession Community College Reform

    A Decade of Experimentation, 1st Edition

    By Chet Jordan, Anthony Picciano

    The book analyses and evaluates several key community college reform programs that emerged after the Recession of 2008 and as a result of major initiatives in California, New York, Tennessee, Florida, Connecticut and Wisconsin. Because of the economic downturn in the early 21st Century, an…

    Hardback – 2019-07-25
    Routledge Research in Higher Education

  • Educating for Well-Being in Law

    Positive Professional Identities and Practice, 1st Edition

    Edited by Caroline Strevens, Rachael Field

    Bringing together the current international body of knowledge on key issues for educating for well-being in law, this book offers comparative perspectives across jurisdictions, and utilises a range of theoretical lenses (including socio-legal, psychological and ethical theories) in analysing…

    Hardback – 2019-07-23
    Emerging Legal Education

  • Designing Effective Feedback Processes in Higher Education

    A Learning-Focused Approach, 1st Edition

    By Naomi Winstone, David Carless

    Feedback is one of the most powerful influences on student achievement, yet it is difficult to implement productively within the constraints of a mass higher education system. Designing Effective Feedback Processes in Higher Education: A Learning-Focused Approach addresses the challenges of…

    Paperback – 2019-07-15
    Research into Higher Education

  • Internationalization and Employability in Higher Education

    1st Edition

    Edited by Robert Coelen, Cate Gribble

    Providing an analysis of the relationship between Internationalization and Employability in Higher Education, this book considers the perspectives of both students and employers to illustrate how to reach positive employment outcomes for all stakeholders. Through a wide range of international case…

    Paperback – 2019-07-08
    Internationalization in Higher Education Series

  • Arguing, Reasoning, and Thinking Well

    1st Edition

    By Robert Gass, John Seiter

    Arguing, Reasoning, and Thinking Well offers an engaging and accessible introduction to argumentation and critical thinking. With a pro-social focus, the volume encourages readers to value civility when engaged in arguing and reasoning. Authors Gass and Seiter, renowned for their friendly writing…

    Paperback – 2019-06-20

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