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  • Governing International Watercourses

    River Basin Organizations and the Sustainable Governance of Internationally Shared Rivers and Lakes, 1st Edition

    By Susanne Schmeier

    This book focuses on River Basin Organizations as the key institutions for managing internationally shared water resources. This includes a comparative analysis of all River Basin Organizations worldwide and three in-depth case studies from three different continents. The detailed case studies are…

    Hardback – 2012-11-30
    Earthscan Studies in Water Resource Management

  • Disaster Resiliency

    Interdisciplinary Perspectives, 1st Edition

    Edited by Naim Kapucu, Christopher V. Hawkins, Fernando I. Rivera

    Natural disasters in recent years have brought the study of disaster resiliency to the forefront. The importance of community preparedness and sustainability has been underscored by such calamities as Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the Japanese tsunami in 2011. Natural disasters will inevitably…

    Hardback – 2012-11-19
    Routledge Research in Public Administration and Public Policy

  • The Spatial Dimension of Risk

    How Geography Shapes the Emergence of Riskscapes, 1st Edition

    Edited by Detlef Muller-Mahn

    Through its exploration of the spatial dimension of risk, this book offers a brand new approach to theorizing risk, and significant improvements in how to manage, tolerate and take risks. A broad range of risks are examined, including natural hazards, climate change, political violence, and…

    Hardback – 2012-11-06
    Earthscan Risk in Society

  • Tropical Wetland Management

    The South-American Pantanal and the International Experience, 1st Edition

    Edited by Antonio Augusto Rossotto Ioris

    Recent scientific development and politico-institutional experiences related to the conservation of the South-American Pantanal are explored in this book in relation to what is happening in other tropical wetland areas of international importance such as the Everglades in North America and the…

    Hardback – 2012-10-05
    Routledge Studies in Environmental Policy and Practice

  • Contested Forms of Governance in Marine Protected Areas

    A Study of Co-Management and Adaptive Co-Management, 1st Edition

    By Natalie Bown, Tim S. Gray, Selina M. Stead

    In this book, the authors examine the governance of marine protected areas (MPA), and in particular they compare two different forms of governance – co-management (CM) and adaptive co-management (ACM). CM is characterized by the decentralization of the decision-making process, incorporating the…

    Hardback – 2012-10-03
    Earthscan Studies in Natural Resource Management

  • The Economics of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

    1st Edition

    Edited by Shunsuke Managi

    Ecosystems and biodiversity have been degraded over decades due to human activities. One of the critical causes is market failure: the current market only accounts tangible resources and neglects intangible functions, such as climate control and natural hazard mitigation. Under such circumstances…

    Hardback – 2012-09-10
    Routledge Explorations in Environmental Economics

  • Transfrontier Conservation Areas

    People Living on the Edge, 1st Edition

    Edited by Jens Andersson, Michel de Garine-Wichatitsky, David Cumming, Vupenyu Dzingirai, Ken Giller

    The introduction of transfrontier conservation areas (TFCAs) in southern Africa was based on an enchanting promise: simultaneously contributing to global biodiversity conservation initiatives, regional peace and integration, and the sustainable socio-economic development of rural communities.…

    Hardback – 2012-08-24

  • Gender, Development and Environmental Governance

    Theorizing Connections, 1st Edition

    By Seema Arora-Jonsson

    A major challenge in studies of environmental governance is dealing with the diversity of the people involved at multiple levels – villagers, development agents, policy-makers, private resource users and others – and taking seriously their aspirations, conflicts and collaborations. This book…

    Hardback – 2012-08-08
    Routledge Research in Gender and Society

  • Sustainability

    Duty or Opportunity for Business?, 1st Edition

    By Michael Norton

    Businesses are nowadays expected to act sustainably; it is also in both society’s and the company’s own interest if opportunities to develop more sustainable products or services can be fully grasped. Leading international companies may already be moving in this direction, but many (especially…

    Hardback – 2012-06-07

  • Keeping it in the Family

    International Perspectives on Succession and Retirement on Family Farms, 1st Edition

    Edited by John R. Baker, Matt Lobley, Ian Whitehead

    As the largest group of natural resource managers on the planet, farmers are at the interface of the changing relationship between humans and the environment. Typically organised around what might be considered the most basic of social units, for generations the family farm has survived…

    Hardback – 2012-05-28

  • Tribes, Land, and the Environment

    1st Edition

    By Sarah Krakoff

    Edited by Ezra Rosser

    Legal and environmental concerns related to Indian law and tribal lands remain an understudied branch of both indigenous law and environmental law. Native American tribes have a far more complex relationship with the environment than is captured by the stereotype of Indians as environmental…

    Hardback – 2012-04-28
    Law, Property and Society

  • Land Policy

    Planning and the Spatial Consequences of Property, 1st Edition

    By Benjamin Davy

    Good land policy provides a diversity of land uses with plural property relations. No single kind of property rules fits the purposes of all types of land uses. Neither is a de-tached single family house like a community garden, nor a highway like a retail chain. Each land use needs its own…

    Hardback – 2012-04-28

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