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  • Population Studies

    1st Edition

    Edited by Edith Gray, Zhongwei Zhao

    Demography is the scientific study of human populations. Classical demography has at its core three processes: fertility, migration, and mortality. To be human is to be part of the demographic process, so contemporary studies of population focus not only on the implications of population size and…

    Hardback – 2012-11-23
    Critical Concepts in the Social Sciences

  • Mortality and Migration in the Modern World

    1st Edition

    By Ralph Shlomowitz

    The term 'relocation cost' has been coined by Philip Curtin to refer to the increased mortality associated with the migration of people from their childhood disease environments to new ones. He and others have quantified this cost for a number of migrant populations, notably Africans in the…

    Hardback – 1996-06-06
    Variorum Collected Studies

  • The Biological Standard of Living in Europe and America, 1700–1900

    Studies in Anthropometric History, 1st Edition

    By John Komlos

    One can think of the average height reached at a particular age by individuals as the historical record of their nutritional experience. Medical research has confirmed that nutritional status - and thus physical stature - is related to food consumption and therefore to family income, and therefore…

    Hardback – 1995-12-28
    Variorum Collected Studies

  • Environment and Society in Roman North Africa

    Studies in History and Archaeology, 1st Edition

    By Brent D. Shaw

    The impact of a changing environment on human society and, conversely, the impact of man’s activities upon the environment are important and contentious subjects today. Climatic and environmental change have also been credited with bringing about major shifts in human history. One such case is…

    Hardback – 1995-02-23
    Variorum Collected Studies

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