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  • Routledge Handbook of Health Geography

    Edited by Valorie A. Crooks, Gavin J. Andrews, Jamie Pearce

    The places of our daily life affect our health, wellbeing, and receipt of health care in complex ways. The health-place connection has been acknowledged for centuries, and the contemporary discipline of health geography has at its core a desire to uncover and explicate all facets of this connection…

    Hardback – 2018-06-21 

  • Real Estate and GIS

    The Application of Mapping Technologies

    By Richard Reed, Chris Pettit

    Real Estate and GIS focuses on the application of geographic information systems (GIS) and mapping technologies in the expanding property and real estate discipline. Whilst a thorough understanding of location is understood to be fundamental to the property discipline, real estate professionals and…

    Paperback – 2018-06-13 

  • GeoComputation, Second Edition

    Edited by Robert J. Abrahart, Linda M. See

    A revision of Openshaw and Abrahart’s seminal work, GeoComputation, Second Edition retains influences of its originators while also providing updated, state-of-the-art information on changes in the computational environment. In keeping with the field’s development, this new edition takes a broader…

    Paperback – 2017-11-22
    CRC Press

  • Real Estate Analysis in the Information Age

    Techniques for Big Data and Statistical Modeling

    By Kimberly Winson-Geideman, Andy Krause, Clifford A. Lipscomb, Nick Evangelopoulos

    The creation, accumulation, and use of copious amounts of data are driving rapid change across a wide variety of industries and academic disciplines. This ‘Big Data’ phenomenon is the result of recent developments in computational technology and improved data gathering techniques that have led to…

    Paperback – 2017-11-09

  • Remote Sensing the Mekong

    Edited by Claudia Kuenzer, Patrick Leinenkugel, Stefan Dech

    The Mekong Basin in Southeast Asia is one of the largest international river basins in the world. Its abundant natural resources are shared by six riparian countries and provide the basis for the livelihoods of more than 75 million people. However, ongoing socio-economic growth and related…

    Hardback – 2017-03-08

  • Simple Statistical Tests for Geography

    By Danny McCarroll

    This book is aimed directly at students of geography, particularly those who lack confidence in manipulating numbers. The aim is not to teach the mathematics behind statistical tests, but to focus on the logic, so that students can choose the most appropriate tests, apply them in the most…

    Paperback – 2016-10-11
    Chapman and Hall/CRC

  • Local Models for Spatial Analysis, Second Edition

    By Christopher D. Lloyd

    Written in recognition of developments in spatial data analysis that focused on differences between places, the first edition of Local Models for Spatial Analysis broke new ground with its focus on local modelling methods. Reflecting the continued growth and increased interest in this area, the…

    Hardback – 2010-10-13
    CRC Press

  • Principles of Modeling Uncertainties in Spatial Data and Spatial Analyses

    By Wenzhong Shi

    When compared to classical sciences such as math, with roots in prehistory, and physics, with roots in antiquity, geographical information science (GISci) is the new kid on the block. Its theoretical foundations are therefore still developing and data quality and uncertainty modeling for spatial…

    Hardback – 2009-09-30
    CRC Press

  • Advances in Spatio-Temporal Analysis

    Edited by Xinming Tang, Yaolin Liu, Jixian Zhang, Wolfgang Kainz

    Developments in Geographic Information Technology have raised the expectations of users. A static map is no longer enough; there is now demand for a dynamic representation. Time is of great importance when operating on real world geographical phenomena, especially when these are dynamic. …

    Hardback – 2007-08-23
    CRC Press
    ISPRS Book Series

  • Post-Launch Calibration of Satellite Sensors

    Proceedings of the International Workshop on Radiometric and Geometric Calibration, December 2003, Mississippi, USA.

    By Stanley A. Morain, Amelia M. Budge

    Increasingly, in the field of earth observation imagery, there is a need for image quality to be assessable in traceable Standard International Units (SIU), and for the standardization of common mapping projections. These two needs, plus the increased usage of combinations of data and image types,…

    Hardback – 2004-07-15
    CRC Press
    ISPRS Book Series

  • Spatial Data Quality

    By Wenzhong Shi, Peter Fisher, Michael F. Goodchild

    As research in the geosciences and social sciences becomes increasingly dependent on computers, applications such as geographical information systems are becoming indispensable tools. But the digital representations of phenomena that these systems require are often of poor quality, leading to…

    Hardback – 2002-09-05
    CRC Press

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