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  • The Pursuit of History

    Aims, methods and new directions in the study of history, 6th Edition

    By John Tosh

    This classic introduction to the study of history invites the reader to stand back and consider some of its most fundamental questions - what is the point of studying history? How do we know about the past? Does an objective historical truth exist and can we ever access it? In answering these…

    Paperback – 2015-02-19

  • The Making of a Chinese City: History and Historiography in Harbin

    History and Historiography in Harbin, 1st Edition

    By Soren Clausen, Stig Thogersen

    The history of Harbin, ruled by the Russians, by an international coalition of allied powers, by Chinese warlords, by the Soviet Union and finally by the Chinese Communists - all in the course of 100 years - is presented here as an example of Chinese local-history writing.…

    Paperback – 1995-04-30

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