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  • Excavating Women

    A History of Women in European Archaeology, 1st Edition

    Edited by Magarita Díaz-Andreu, Marie Louise Stig Sorensen

    Archaeologists are increasingly aware of issues of gender when studying past societies; women are becoming better represented within the discipline and are attaining top academic posts. However, until now there has been no study undertaken of the history of women in European archaeology and their…

    Paperback – 2012-05-01

  • An Archaeology of Images

    Iconology and Cosmology in Iron Age and Roman Europe, 1st Edition

    By Miranda Aldhouse Green

    Using archaeology and social anthropology, and more than 100 original line drawings and photographs, An Archaeology of Images takes a fresh look at how ancient images of both people and animals were used in the Iron Age and Roman societies of Europe, 600 BC to AD 400 and investigates the various…

    Paperback – 2012-01-31

  • Iron Age Myth and Materiality

    An Archaeology of Scandinavia AD 400-1000, 1st Edition

    By Lotte Hedeager

    Iron Age Myth and Materiality: an Archaeology of Scandinavia AD 400-1000 considers the relationship between myth and materiality in Scandinavia from the beginning of the post-Roman era and the European Migrations up until the coming of Christianity. It pursues an interdisciplinary interpretation of…

    Paperback – 2011-04-27

  • Local Responses to Colonization in the Iron Age Mediterranean

    1st Edition

    By Tamar Hodos

    The first study to bring together such a breadth of data, this book compares responses to colonization in the Iron-Age Mediterranean. From North Syria to Sicily and North Africa, Tamar Hodos explores the responses to these colonies in areas where Greeks and Phoenicians were in competition with one…

    Paperback – 2008-10-10

  • Early Riders

    The Beginnings of Mounted Warfare in Asia and Europe, 1st Edition

    By Robert Drews

    In this wide-ranging and often controversial book, Robert Drews examines the question of the origins of man's relations with the horse. He questions the belief that on the Eurasian steppes men were riding in battle as early as 4000 BC, and suggests that it was not until around 900 BC that men…

    Paperback – 2008-09-08

  • The Megaliths of Northern Europe

    1st Edition

    By Magdalena Midgley

    The North European megaliths are among the most enduring structures built in prehistory; they are imbued with symbolic meanings which embody physical and conceptual ideas about the nature of the world inhabited by the first Northern farmers. The Megaliths of Northern Europe provides a much needed…

    Hardback – 2008-07-01

  • Prehistoric Figurines

    Representation and Corporeality in the Neolithic, 1st Edition

    By Douglass Bailey

    Fully illustrated, Prehistoric Figurines brings a radical new approach to one of the most exciting, but poorly understood artefacts from our prehistoric past. Studying the interpretation of prehistoric figurines from Neolithic southeast Europe, Bailey introduces recent developments from the fields…

    Paperback – 2005-04-22

  • Ritual and Domestic Life in Prehistoric Europe

    1st Edition

    By Richard Bradley

    This fascinating study explores how our prehistoric ancestors developed rituals from everyday life and domestic activities. Richard Bradley contends that for much of the prehistoric period, ritual was not a distinct sphere of activity. Rather it was the way in which different features of the…

    Paperback – 2005-02-24

  • Neolithic Farming in Central Europe

    An Archaeobotanical Study of Crop Husbandry Practices, 1st Edition

    By Amy Bogaard

    Neolithic Farming in Central Europe examines the nature of the earliest crop cultivation, a subject that illuminates the lives of Neolithic farming families and the day-to-day reality of the transition from hunting and gathering to farming. Debate surrounding the nature of crop husbandry in…

    Paperback – 2004-09-16

  • Living on the Lake in Prehistoric Europe

    150 Years of Lake-Dwelling Research, 1st Edition

    Edited by Francesco Menotti

    The chance discovery in 1854 of a prehistoric lake village on Lake Zurich triggered what we now call the 'lake-dwelling phenomenon'. One hundred and fifty years of research and animated academic disputes have transformed the phenomenon into one of the most reliable sources of information in wetland…

    Paperback – 2004-08-19

  • The Celts

    Bronze Age to New Age, 1st Edition

    By John Haywood

    This dramatic history traces the mysterious Celts from their dark origins, including Druids and King Arthur, right across Britain and Europe and looking at their beliefs, cultures and arts as well as their warring and expansion. The resurgence of Celtic identity in Britain and Europe has…

    Paperback – 2004-07-01

  • Archaeologies of Complexity

    1st Edition

    By Robert Chapman

    An up-to-date and critical analysis of how archaeologists study past societies, Archaeologies of Complexity addresses the nature of contemporary archaeology and the study of social change, and debates the transition from perceived simple, egalitarian societies to the complex power structures and…

    Paperback – 2003-04-10

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