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  • Calvin

    1st Edition

    By Michael Mullett

    In this lucid and readable study, Michael Mullet explains the historical importance of a man and a movement whose influence are still felt in the modern world. The pamphlet locates John Calvin in the context of early 16th-century France and then charts his emergence as an influential theologian…

    Paperback – 1989-09-28
    Lancaster Pamphlets

  • Gerontology in Theological Education

    Local Program Development, 1st Edition

    Gerontology in Theological Education: Local Program Development provides a source book for administrators and faculty in theological schools who are concerned about the increasing number of older persons in congregations and communities. Theoretical, theological, and practical chapters offer…

    Hardback – 1989-09-26

  • Making Chaplaincy Work

    Practical Approaches, 1st Edition

    By Laurel A Burton

    With compassion and commitment, practicing chaplains draw on a wide range of professional experiences and discuss principles, themes, and guidelines that have enhanced their ministries. These practical and successful approaches are aimed at helping others face the daily professional challenges of…

    Hardback – 1988-10-13

  • Psychotherapy and the Religiously Committed Patient

    1st Edition

    By E Mark Stern

    An enlightening book that discusses the positive and negative aspects of psychotherapeutic process with religiously commited patients. Indispensable reading for all therapists, teachers, and spiritually oriented professionals.…

    Paperback – 1985-01-01

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