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  • Byzantium in the Ninth Century: Dead or Alive?

    Papers from the Thirtieth Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies, Birmingham, March 1996, 1st Edition

    Edited by Leslie Brubaker

    9th-century Byzantium has always been viewed as a mid-point between Iconoclasm and the so-called Macedonian revival; in scholarly terms it is often treated as a ’dead’ century. The object of these papers is to question such an assumption. They present a picture of political and military…

    Hardback – 1998-05-01
    Publications of the Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies

  • The Latin Church in Cyprus, 1195–1312

    1st Edition

    By Nicholas Coureas

    This is a study of the first century of the Latin Church on Cyprus, following the island’s loss to the Byzantine empire and its conquest by Richard the Lionheart in 1195. It covers both secular and regular clergy, and deals with the complex relations between church and crown, the nobility, and the…

    Hardback – 1997-12-11

  • Theophylact of Ochrid

    Reading the Letters of a Byzantine Archbishop, 1st Edition

    By Margaret Mullett

    Few works exist on Byzantine literature as literature and still fewer studies of individual texts. This reading of the letter-collection (c.1090-c.1110) of Theophylact of Ochrid employs a variety of approaches to characterise a work which is both a literary artefact in a long Greek tradition and…

    Hardback – 1997-09-30
    Birmingham Byzantine and Ottoman Studies

  • La Vie d'Etienne le Jeune par Étienne le Diacre

    Introduction, édition et Traduction, 1st Edition

    By Marie-France Auzépy

    The Life of Stephen the Younger is one of the rare sources for Byzantium in the ’Dark Ages’ and one of the key witnesses to the history of Iconoclasm. This book presents a new edition of the text, together with a French translation and commentary, and an important introduction. Stephen was a hermit…

    Hardback – 1997-05-29
    Birmingham Byzantine and Ottoman Studies

  • Mount Athos and Byzantine Monasticism

    Papers from the Twenty-Eighth Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies, University of Birmingham, March 1994, 1st Edition

    By Anthony Bryer, Mary Cunningham

    The papers in this volume derive from the 28th Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies, held for the Society for the promotion of Byzantine Studies at the Univesity of Birmingham in March 1994. Virtually from the time of their first foundation, the monastic communities of Mt Athos assumed a central…

    Hardback – 1996-12-19
    Publications of the Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies

  • Building the Churches of Kievan Russia

    1st Edition

    By Pavel A. Rappoport

    This work is the first systematic study of how monumental buildings were constructed in medieval Russia. It deals specifically with ecclesiastical architecture, but also discusses such secular architecture, palaces or towers. In scope the book covers the territory of the Kievan state and the…

    Hardback – 1995-11-02

  • Constantinople and its Hinterland

    Papers from the Twenty-Seventh Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies, Oxford, April 1993, 1st Edition

    By Cyril Mango, Gilbert Dagron

    From its foundation, the city of Constantinople dominated the Byzantine world. It was the seat of the emperor, the centre of government and church, the focus of commerce and culture, by far the greatest urban centre; its needs in terms of supplies and defense imposed their own logic on the…

    Hardback – 1995-04-27
    Publications of the Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies

  • Digenes Akrites

    New Approaches to Byzantine Heroic Poetry, 1st Edition

    By Roderick Beaton, David Ricks

    Called variously the ’Byzantine epic’, the ’epic of Modern Greece’, an ’epic-romance’ and ’romance’, the poem of Digenes Akrites has, since its rediscovery towards the end of the nineteenth century, exerted a tenacious hold on the imagination of scholars from a wide range of disciplines and from…

    Hardback – 1993-12-02
    Publications of the Centre for Hellenic Studies, King's College London

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