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  • Philosophy and Life Writing

    In this volume, scholars from a number of academic disciplines illuminate how a range of philosophers and other thoughtful individuals addressed the complex issues surrounding philosophy and life writing. The contributors interrogate the writings of Teresa of Avila, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, John…

    Hardback – 2019-02-04 

  • The Sartrean Mind

    Edited by Matthew Eshleman, Christophe Perrin, Constance Mui

    Jean-Paul Sartre was one of the most important philosophers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. His influence extends beyond academic philosophy and enjoys unprecedented influence over a wide range of phenomena from anti-colonial movements, through youth culture to artistic developments…

    Hardback – 2019-02-03 
    Routledge Philosophical Minds

  • John McDowell

    2nd Edition

    By Tim Thornton

    Paperback – 2019-02-01 

  • Early Analytic Philosophy

    From Frege to Ramsey

    By Michael Potter

    In this book, Michael Potter offers a fresh and compelling portrait of the birth and first several decades of analytic philosophy, one of the most important periods in philosophy’s long history. He focuses on the period between the publication of Gottlob Frege’s Begriffsschrift in 1879 and Frank…

    Paperback – 2019-01-31 

  • The Public Intellectual as Moral Critic

    The Sacred and the Secular Passions of ‘Reason’

    By Peter McMylor

    This book argues for the continued significance of religious inheritance as a key aspect of European modernity, contending that public intellectuals need to be understood, in at least some respects, as moral critics of their society and that as such, a crucial dimension of their role is shaped by…

    Hardback – 2019-01-31 
    Morality, Society and Culture

  • Creativity: A Crtitical Realist Perspective

    By Lee Martin

    Creativity: A Critical Realist Perspective challenges conventional wisdom on how we define and understand the emergence of creativity. Enhancing creativity is increasingly being suggested as critical to resolving 21st century challenges such as climate change, population growth and enabling…

    Hardback – 2019-01-15 
    Ontological Explorations (Routledge Critical Realism)

  • Revival: Genre and Void (2003)

    Looking Back at Sartre and Beauvoir

    By Max Deutscher

    This book was first published in 2003: Developing a reading of some of Beauvoir's and Sartre's most influential writings in philosophy, Max Deutscher explores contemporary philosophy in the light of the phenomenological tradition within which Being and Nothingness and The Second Sex occurred as…

    Paperback – 2018-12-31 
    Routledge Revivals

  • Logic from Kant to Russell

    Laying the Foundations for Analytic Philosophy

    Edited by Sandra Lapointe

    The scope and method of logic as we know it today eminently reflect the ground-breaking developments of set theory and the logical foundations of mathematics at the turn of the 20th century. Unfortunately, little effort has been made to understand the idiosyncrasies of the philosophical context…

    Hardback – 2018-12-31 
    Routledge Studies in Nineteenth-Century Philosophy

  • Causation, Freedom and Determinism

    An Attempt to Solve the Causal Problem Through a Study of its Origins in Seventeenth-Century Philosophy

    By Mortimer Taube

    This book, first published in 1936, divides into roughly two parts: a re-examination of historical material; and a positive theory of causation suggested by the results of this re-examination. The historical study discloses an ambiguity in the meanings of causation and determinism; it discloses…

    Paperback – 2018-12-15 
    Routledge Library Editions: Free Will and Determinism

  • Personal Autonomy

    Beyond Negative and Positive Liberty

    By Robert Young

    The concept of personal autonomy is central to discussions about democratic rights, personal freedom and individualism in the marketplace. This book, first published in 1986, discusses the concept of personal autonomy in all its facets. It charts historically the discussion of the concept by…

    Paperback – 2018-12-15 
    Routledge Library Editions: Free Will and Determinism

  • Freedom

    Negative and Positive Conceptions

    By Yıldız Silier

    Isaiah Berlin made a now classic distinction between negative and positive conceptions of freedom. This book, first published in 2005, introduces a fresh way of looking at these conceptions and presents a new defence of the positive conception of freedom. Revealing how the internal debate between…

    Paperback – 2018-12-15 
    Routledge Library Editions: Free Will and Determinism

  • Freewill and Determinism

    A Study of Rival Conceptions of Man

    By R.L. Franklin

    This book, first published in 1968, examines the complicated issues which surround the problem of freewill. Although it reaches a libertarian conclusion, its focus is largely on other questions. What ultimately is at stake in this debate? What difference would it make whether we had freewill or not…

    Paperback – 2018-12-15 
    Routledge Library Editions: Free Will and Determinism

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