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  • Twentieth Century Mythologies

    Dumaezil, Laevi-Strauss, Eliade, 1st Edition

    By Daniel Dubuisson, Martha Cunningham

    Myths have intrigued scholars throughout history. 'Twentieth Century Mythologies' traces the study of myth over the last century, presenting the key theories of mythology and critiquing traditional definitions of myth. The volume presents the work of influential scholars in mythology: the noted…

    Paperback – 2006-03-01

  • The Church of Mary Tudor

    1st Edition

    By Eamon Duffy

    Edited by David Loades

    The reign of Queen Mary is popularly remembered largely for her re-introduction of Catholicism into England, and especially for the persecution of Protestants, memorably described in John Foxe's Acts and Monuments. Mary's brief reign has often been treated as an aberrant interruption of England's…

    Hardback – 2006-01-13
    Catholic Christendom, 1300-1700

  • Encounters and Dialogues

    Changing Perspectives on Chinese-Western Exchanges from the Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries, 1st Edition

    By Xiaoxin Wu

    This volume includes selected papers (in English and Chinese) from an international conference held in Beijing in 2001, the year that marked the 400th anniversary of Matteo Ricci's arrival in Beijing. The conference was jointly sponsored by the Ricci Institute for Chinese Western Cultural History…

    Hardback – 2005-06-30
    Monumenta Serica Monograph Series

  • Mircea Eliade

    A Critical Reader, 1st Edition

    By Bryan S. Rennie

    Mircea Eliade was one of the most successful and influential historians of religion. His interpretation of religious experience continues to inform the study of religious practice today. 'Mircea Eliade: A Critical Reader' presents essays both by and about Eliade, covering his life and thought,…

    Paperback – 2005-04-01
    Critical Categories in the Study of Religion

  • Anselm of Canterbury

    The Beauty of Theology, 1st Edition

    By David S. Hogg

    Anselm is a major figure in theological, philosophical and historical studies. This book provides a fresh approach to the study of this great figure; one which provides critical interaction with current critical thinking whilst arguing in favour of the idea of theological unity in Anselm's corpus.…

    Paperback – 2004-12-15
    Great Theologians Series

  • Syncretism in Religion

    A Reader, 1st Edition

    By Anita Maria Leopold, Jeppe Sinding Jensen

    Syncretism - the fusion of different beliefs into one religious system - has long been controversial in scholarship. It is widely held that religion, culture and ethnicity are pure entities that may become mixed in encounter and lead to impure, hybrid forms. 'Syncretism in Religion' presents a…

    Paperback – 2004-10-01
    Critical Categories in the Study of Religion

  • Leben und historische Bedeutung des ersten Dalai Lama dGe’dun grub pa dpal bzang po (1391–1474)

    Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der d’Ge lugs pa-Schule und der Institution der Dalai Lamas, 1st Edition

    By Shen Weirong

    Als erster Dalai Lama steht dGe 'dun grub am Anfang der bekanntesten Reinkarnationslinie innerhalb des tibetischen Buddhismus. Seit dem funften Dalai Lama Ngag dbang Blo bzang rgya mtsho (1617 1682) sind die Nachfolger des dGe 'dun grub das politische und geistige Oberhaupt Tibets und gehoren zu…

    Paperback – 2002-06-30
    Monumenta Serica Monograph Series

  • Biblical Morality

    Moral Perspectives in Old Testament Narratives, 1st Edition

    By Mary E. Mills

    Biblical Morality explores a selection of Old Testament narratives, drawing out their views on morality to offer a unique perspective on the meaning of the term 'biblical morality'. Mary Mills argues that Old Testament stories build upon a moral vision across the levels of cosmos, community and…

    Paperback – 2001-12-28
    Heythrop Studies in Contemporary Philosophy, Religion and Theology

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