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  • A Systemic Functional Grammar of English

    A Simple Introduction, 1st Edition

    By David Banks

    Providing a simple – but not simplistic – introduction to the Systemic Functional Grammar (SFG) of English, this book serves as a launching pad for the beginning student and a review for the more seasoned linguist. With an introduction to SFG through lexicogrammar and the concept of rankshift, this…

    Paperback – 2019-01-14

  • Introducing English Syntax

    A Basic Guide for Students of English, 1st Edition

    By Peter Fenn, Götz Schwab

    Introducing English Syntax provides a basic introduction to syntax for students studying English as a foreign language at university. Examining English phrase and sentence structure from a descriptive point of view, this book develops the reader’s understanding of the characteristic features of…

    Paperback – 2017-11-27

  • Analysing Sentences

    An Introduction to English Syntax, 4th Edition

    By Noel Burton-Roberts

    This highly successful text has long been considered the standard introduction to the practical analysis of English sentence structure. It covers key concepts such as constituency, category and functions, and also utilises tree diagrams throughout to help the reader visualise the structure of…

    Paperback – 2016-02-18
    Learning about Language

  • Understanding Syntax

    4th Edition

    By Maggie Tallerman

    Assuming no prior knowledge, Understanding Syntax illustrates the major concepts, categories and terminology associated with the study of cross-linguistic syntax. A theory-neutral and descriptive viewpoint is taken throughout. Starting with an overview of what syntax is, the book moves on to…

    Paperback – 2014-08-26
    Understanding Language

  • Structure and Meaning in English

    A Guide for Teachers, 1st Edition

    By Graeme Kennedy

    Structure and Meaning in English is designed to help teachers of English develop an understanding of those aspects of English which are especially relevant for learners who speak other languages. Using corpus research, Graeme Kennedy cuts to the heart of what is important in the teaching of…

    Paperback – 2003-12-17

  • The Acquisition of Syntax

    Studies in Comparative Developmental Linguistics, 1st Edition

    By Marc-Ariel Friedemann, Luigi Rizzi

    This volume contains a collection of studies that survey recent research in developmental linguistics, illustrating the fruitful interaction between comparative syntax and language acquisition. The contributors each analyse a well defined range of acquisition data, aiming to derive them from…

    Paperback – 1999-10-18
    Longman Linguistics Library

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