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  • Basic Swedish

    A Grammar and Workbook

    By Ian Hinchliffe, Phil Holmes

    Basic Swedish. A Grammar and Workbook combines an accessible basic reference grammar and related exercises in one volume, and covers most of the topics that students might expect to deal with in their first year of learning Swedish. Each of the 25 units discusses one or more grammar topics, with…

    Paperback – 2018-03-26 
    Grammar Workbooks

  • Colloquial Swedish

    The Complete Course for Beginners, 4th Edition

    By Philip Holmes, Jennie Sävenberg, Gunilla Serin

    Colloquial Swedish provides a step-by-step course in Swedish as it is written and spoken today. Combining a user-friendly approach with a thorough treatment of the language, it equips learners with the essential skills needed to communicate confidently and effectively in Swedish in a broad range of…

    Paperback – 2016-05-09
    Colloquial Series

  • Slovene

    A Comprehensive Grammar, 2nd Edition

    By Peter Herrity

    Slovene: A Comprehensive Grammar is the most complete reference guide to the contemporary language. Key features of this new edition include: updated examples reflecting current usage, expanded discussions of particular areas of difficulty, a brief history of the language, dialects and register,…

    Paperback – 2015-12-17
    Routledge Comprehensive Grammars

  • Swedish: A Comprehensive Grammar

    3rd Edition

    By Philip Holmes, Ian Hinchliffe

    Winner of the Swedish National Language Council’s Erik Wellander Prize, 2003 Swedish: A Comprehensive Grammar is an award-winning complete reference guide to modern Swedish grammar. Systematic and accessible, the volume is organised to promote a thorough understanding of Swedish grammar, presenting…

    Paperback – 2013-03-18
    Routledge Comprehensive Grammars

  • Swedish: An Essential Grammar

    2nd Edition

    By Ian Hinchliffe, Philip Holmes

    This fully revised second edition of Swedish: An Essential grammar incorporates the changes proposed to the Swedish grammar by Svenska Akademiens Grammatik. All examples have been fully updated, the bibliography has been expanded and a number of tables clarified. Swedish: An Essential grammar…

    Paperback – 2008-04-07
    Routledge Essential Grammars

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