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  • Basic German

    A Grammar and Workbook, 2nd Edition

    By Heiner Schenke, Anna Miell, Karen Seago

    Basic German: A Grammar and Workbook comprises an accessible reference grammar and related exercises in a single volume. The book introduces German people and culture through the medium of the language used today, covering the core material which students would expect to encounter in their first…

    Paperback – 2016-03-15 
    Grammar Workbooks

  • The Routledge Modern German Reader

    By Maryann Overstreet

    The Routledge Modern German Reader is designed for intermediate and advanced learners of German. It provides a clear and engaging introduction to reading authentic German language texts for learners who wish to move beyond elementary course material to more rewarding works of fiction and…

    Paperback – 2015-11-23
    Routledge Modern Language Readers

  • German Literature and the First World War: The Anti-War Tradition

    Collected Essays by Brian Murdoch

    By Brian Murdoch

    The period immediately following the end of the First World War witnessed an outpouring of artistic and literary creativity, as those that had lived through the war years sought to communicate their experiences and opinions. In Germany this manifested itself broadly into two camps, one condemning…

    Hardback – 2015-11-10
    Ashgate Studies in First World War History

  • Max Liebermann

    Modern Art and Modern Germany

    By Marion F. Deshmukh

    Max Liebermann: Modern Art and Modern Germany is the first English-language examination of this German impressionist painter whose long life and career spanned nine decades. Through a close reading of key paintings and by a discussion of his many cultural networks across Germany and throughout…

    Hardback – 2015-10-16

  • Colloquial German 2

    The Next Step in Language Learning

    By Annette Duensing, Carolyn Batstone

    Do you know German already and want to go a stage further? If you’re planning a visit to Germany, need to brush up your German for work, or are simply doing a course, Colloquial German 2 is the ideal way to refresh your knowledge of the language and to extend your skills. Colloquial German 2 is…

    Paperback – 2015-08-05
    Colloquial Series

  • Colloquial German

    2nd Edition

    By Dietlinde Hatherall, Glyn Hatherall

    Specially written by experienced teachers for self-study or class use, the course offers you a step-by-step approach to written and spoken German. No prior knowledge of the language is required. What makes this new edition of Colloquial German your best choice in personal language learning?…

    Paperback – 2015-07-01
    Colloquial Series

  • The Ashgate Research Companion to Imperial Germany

    Edited by Matthew Jefferies

    Germany's imperial era (1871-1918) continues to attract both scholars and the general public alike. The American historian Roger Chickering has referred to the historiography on the Kaiserreich as an 'extraordinary body of historical scholarship', whose quality and diversity stands comparison with…

    Hardback – 2015-06-12

  • Germany After the 2013 Elections

    Breaking the Mould of Post-Unification Politics?

    By Gabriele D'Ottavio, Thomas Saalfeld

    The German election of 2013 has important ramifications for the whole of Europe. Germany After the 2013 Elections: Breaking the Mould of Post-Unification Politics? provides a comprehensive analysis of this election and its wider implications for post-unification German politics. International…

    Hardback – 2015-05-08

  • Affectionate Authorities

    Fathers and Fatherly Roles in Late Medieval Basel

    By Philip Grace

    In one of his sermons, the medieval preacher Bernardino of Siena listed seven ‘fathers’ to whom one owed obedience: God, one’s natural father, godfather, confessor, benefactor, a government official, and any elderly man. This book seeks to answer the question of why medieval Europeans saw the…

    Hardback – 2015-04-14

  • The German Symphony between Beethoven and Brahms

    The Fall and Rise of a Genre

    By Christopher Fifield

    It was Carl Dahlhaus who coined the phrase ‘dead time’ to describe the state of the symphony between Schumann and Brahms. Christopher Fifield argues that many of the symphonies dismissed by Dahlhaus made worthy contributions to the genre. He traces the root of the problem further back to…

    Hardback – 2015-04-01

  • Essential German Grammar

    2nd Edition

    By Martin Durrell, Katrin Kohl, Gudrun Loftus, Claudia Kaiser

    Essential German Grammar is a student-friendly grammar and workbook designed to give learners a firm foundation on which to build a real understanding of both spoken and written German. The reference grammar section offers clear explanations of key grammar points while a separate exercise section…

    Paperback – 2015-02-12
    Essential Language Grammars

  • From Local Patriotism to a Planetary Perspective

    Impact Crater Research in Germany, 1930s-1970s

    By Martina Kölbl-Ebert

    The Nördlinger Ries and Steinheim Basin, two conspicuous geological structures in southern Germany, were traditionally viewed as somewhat enigmatic but nevertheless definitely volcanic edifices until they were finally recognized as impact craters in the 1960s. The changing views about the origin…

    Hardback – 2015-02-11
    Science, Technology and Culture, 1700–1945

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