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  • Racism, Nationalism and Citizenship

    Ethnic Minorities in Britain and Germany, 1st Edition

    By Nicola Piper

    First published in 1998, this book is about the consequences of the permanent settlement of former labour migrants in contemporary Germany and Britain and the extent to which these ‘new’ minorities are regarded as citizens in both societies as well as citizens of the European Union. It is argued…

    Paperback – 2020-02-01 
    Routledge Revivals

  • Intermediate German

    A Grammar and Workbook, 2nd Edition

    By Anna Miell, Heiner Schenke

    Intermediate German: A Grammar and Workbook is designed for learners who have achieved basic proficiency and now wish to progress to more complex language. Each of the units combines concise grammar explanations with examples and exercises to help build confidence and fluency. The new edition…

    Paperback – 2019-12-20 
    Grammar Workbooks

  • German Grammar in Context

    3rd Edition

    By Carol Fehringer

    German Grammar in Context, 3rd edition includes updated textual examples which provide the basis for an accessible and engaging approach to learning grammar. Using authentic texts from a variety of contemporary sources such as newspapers, magazines, poems, TV and film scripts, books or online…

    Paperback – 2019-12-20 
    Languages in Context

  • Access German

    A First Language Course, 2nd Edition

    By Henriette Harnisch

    Access German: A First Language Course provides a thorough grounding in all the skills required to understand, speak, read and write contemporary German from scratch based on everyday scenarios. This fully revised edition consists of 10 units, each of which includes Language Focus panels…

    Paperback – 2019-12-11 
    Access Language Series

  • Translating Texts

    An Introductory Coursebook on Translation and Text Formation, 1st Edition

    Edited by Brian James Baer, Christopher D. Mellinger

    Clear and accessible, this textbook provides a step-by-step guide to textual analysis for beginning translators and translation students. Covering a variety of text types, including business letters, recipes, and museum guides in six languages (Chinese, English, French, German, Russian, and Spanish…

    Paperback – 2019-11-11 

  • A Frequency Dictionary of German

    Core Vocabulary for Learners, 2nd Edition

    By Erwin Tschirner, Jupp Möhring

    This completely updated edition of A Frequency Dictionary of German contains the 5,000 most commonly used words of German today, occurring in a 20-million-word corpus (compared to a 4.2-million-word corpus in the first edition). The basis of the frequency list is a significantly extended version of…

    Paperback – 2019-11-07 
    Routledge Frequency Dictionaries

  • Art, Nation and Gender

    Ethnic Landscapes, Myths and Mother-Figures, 1st Edition

    By Síghle Bhreathnach-Lynch

    Edited by Tricia Cusack

    This title was first published in 2003. The essay collection explores the conjunctions of nation, gender, and visual representation in a number of countries-including Ireland, Scotland, Britain, Canada, Finland, Russia and Germany-during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The contributors show…

    Paperback – 2019-10-17
    Routledge Revivals

  • The Position of the German Language in the World

    1st Edition

    By Ulrich Ammon

    The Position of the German Language in the World focuses on the global position of German and the factors which work towards sustaining its use and utility for international communication. From the perspective of the global language constellation, the detailed data analysis of this substantial…

    Hardback – 2019-09-05

  • German Reading Skills for Academic Purposes

    1st Edition

    By Alexander Burdumy

    German Reading Skills for Academic Purposes allows researchers and learners with no prior understanding of German to gain an understanding of written German at CEFR C2/ACTFL Intermediate-High level that will allow them to read a variety of German texts, including research articles and monographs.…

    Paperback – 2019-07-29

  • Pietism in Germany and North America 1680–1820

    1st Edition

    By Hartmut Lehmann, James Van Horn Melton

    Edited by Jonathan Strom

    This collection explores different approaches to contextualizing and conceptualizing the history of Pietism, particularly Pietistic groups who migrated from central Europe to the British colonies in North America during the long eighteenth century. Emerging in German speaking lands during the…

    Paperback – 2019-06-10

  • The Pluricentricity Debate

    On Austrian German and other Germanic Standard Varieties, 1st Edition

    By Stefan Dollinger

    This book unpacks a 30-year debate about the pluricentricity of German. It examines the concept of pluricentricity, an idea implicit to the study of World Englishes, which expressly allows for national standard varieties, and the notion of "pluri-areality," which seeks to challenge the former.…

    Hardback – 2019-06-03
    Routledge Focus on Linguistics

  • The Maritime Blockade of Germany in the Great War

    The Northern Patrol, 1914-1918, 1st Edition

    Edited by John D. Grainger

    The Tenth Cruiser Squadron of the Grand Fleet had the task of patrolling the seas between Scotland and Greenland to intercept enemy ships trying to escape into the ocean and merchant ships who could be carrying goods destined for Germany. This was a task of great political sensitivity, since almost…

    Paperback – 2019-04-30
    Navy Records Society Publications

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