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  • A Reader's Guide to Contemporary Literary Theory

    6th Edition

    By Raman Selden, Peter Widdowson, Peter Brooker

    A Reader’s Guide to Contemporary Literary Theory is a classic introduction to the complex yet crucial area of literary theory. This book is known for its clear, accessible style and its thorough, logical approach, guiding the reader through the essentials of literary theory. It includes two new…

    Paperback – 2016-12-08

  • A Theory of Literary Production

    1st Edition

    By Pierre Macherey

    Who is more important: the reader, or the writer? Originally published in French in 1966, Pierre Macherey’s first and most famous work, A Theory of Literary Production dared to challenge perceived wisdom, and quickly established him as a pivotal figure in literary theory. The reissue of this work…

    Paperback – 2006-02-01
    Routledge Classics

  • Formalism and Marxism

    2nd Edition

    By Tony Bennett

    Russian Formalism and Marxist criticism had a seismic impact on twentieth-cetury literary theory and the shockwaves are still felt today. First published in 1979, Tony Bennett's Formalism and Marxism created its own reverberations by offering a ground-breaking new interpretation of the Formalists'…

    Paperback – 2003-08-21
    New Accents

  • The Political Unconscious

    Narrative as a Socially Symbolic Act, 2nd Edition

    By Fredric Jameson, Fredric Jameson

    In this ground-breaking and influential study Fredric Jameson explores the complex place and function of literature within culture. At the time Jameson was actually writing the book, in the mid to late seventies, there was a major reaction against deconstruction and poststructuralism. As one of the…

    Paperback – 2002-06-13
    Routledge Classics

  • Marxism and Literary Criticism

    2nd Edition

    By Terry Eagleton

    Is Marx relevant any more? Why should we care what he wrote? What difference could it make to our reading of literature? Terry Eagleton, one of the foremost critics of our generation, has some answers in this wonderfully clear and readable analysis. Sharp and concise, it is, without doubt, the most…

    Paperback – 2002-06-13

  • Class

    1st Edition

    By Gary Day

    This book traces the phenomenon of class from the medieval to the postmodern period, uniquely examining its relevance to literary and cultural analysis. Drawing on historical, sociological and literary writings, Gary Day:* gives an account of class at different historical moments* shows the role of…

    Paperback – 2001-04-26
    The New Critical Idiom

  • Raymond Williams

    Literature, Marxism and Cultural Materialism, 1st Edition

    By John Higgins

    Raymond Williams' prolific output is increasingly recognised as the most influential body of work on literary and cultural studies in the past fifty years. This book provides the most comprehensive study to date of the theoretical and historical context of Williams' thinking on literature, politics…

    Paperback – 1999-03-18
    Critics of the Twentieth Century

  • The Dematerialisation of Karl Marx

    Literature and Marxist Theory, 1st Edition

    By Leonard Jackson

    This volume constitutes both an attack on modern left wing literary theory - the main product of the last Marxist renaissance in the past thirty years - and a defence of the one element of Marxism which, in the general collapse, modern theorists have been happiest to lose, its economic materialism.…

    Paperback – 1994-09-05

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