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  • Pocket Prescriber Pulmonary Medicine

    By Craig Batista, Peter Barnes, Timothy RJ Nicholson, Donald RJ Singer

    Pocket Prescriber Pulmonary Medicine is a concise, up-to-date prescribing guide containing all the "must have" information on a vast range of drugs that trainee pulmonologists, respiratory care physicians and nurse prescribers may encounter in clinical practice. Pocket Prescriber Pulmonary Medicine…

    Paperback – 2018-06-15 
    CRC Press
    Pocket Prescriber Series

  • Mitral Stenosis

    Edited by Neeraj Parakh, Ravi S Math, Vivek Chaturvedi

    Comprehensive book on mitral stenosis not only compiles the existing published knowledge and literature about mitral stenosis in a succinct manner but also has input from experts having years of experience in this field. It will serve as an authentic reference and a ready reckoner for cardiology…

    Pack - Book & Ebook – 2018-06-13 
    CRC Press

  • Levick's Introduction to Cardiovascular Physiology, Sixth Edition

    By Neil Herring, David J. Paterson

    A sound knowledge of cardiovascular physiology is fundamental to understanding cardiovascular disease, exercise performance and may other aspects of human physiology. Cardiovascular physiology is a major component of all undergraduate courses in physiology, biomedical science and medicine, and this…

    Hardback – 2018-05-11 
    CRC Press

  • Cardiovascular Physiology

    A Text and E-Resource for Active Learning

    By Burt B. Hamrell

    Cardiovascular disease remains the chief cause of mortality and morbidity in adults in many parts of the world, and diagnosis and treatment is increasingly based on cellular, intracellular, and molecular parameters as well as systems analysis. Consequently, it is vital that medical students learn…

    Paperback – 2018-02-09 
    CRC Press

  • Manual of Venous and Lymphatic Diseases

    By Australasian College of Phlebology

    Edited by Ken Myers, Paul Hannah

    The Manual of Venous and Lymphatic Diseases constitutes a concise but comprehensive and contemporary description of the nature and management of venous and lymphatic diseases. This innovative book instructs the post-graduate trainee in phlebology and is also valuable to undergraduate students…

    Hardback – 2018-01-11
    CRC Press

  • The Coronary Heart Disease Pandemic in the Twentieth Century

    Emergence and Decline in Advanced Countries

    By William G. Rothstein

    This book demonstrates that a pandemic of coronary heart disease occurred in North America, western and northern Europe, and Australia and New Zealand from the 1930s to about 2000. At its peak it caused more deaths than any other disease. The book examines and compares trends in coronary heart…

    Hardback – 2017-12-26
    CRC Press

  • Endovascular and Open Vascular Reconstruction

    A Practical Approach

    Edited by Sachinder Singh Hans, Alexander D. Shepard, Mitchell R. Weaver, Paul Bove, Graham W. Long

    In recent years, the growth in endovascular procedures has meant that vascular trainees may not gain sufficient experience to be competent in open vascular reconstructions following completion of their training. At the same time many senior surgeons have somewhat limited experience of endovascular…

    Pack - Book & Ebook – 2017-12-19
    CRC Press

  • Primary Angioplasty

    Mechanical Interventions for Acute Myocardial Infarction, Second Edition

    Edited by David Antoniucci

    The Second Edition of Primary Angioplasty provides an update on the rationale, techniques, and effectiveness of direct percutaneous mechanical revascularization for acute myocardial infarction. Through the use of "real world" methods, clinical perspectives, and mechanical support, this…

    Paperback – 2017-11-09
    CRC Press

  • Nutrition and Cardiometabolic Health

    Edited by Nathalie Bergeron, Patty W. Siri-Tarino, George A. Bray, Ronald M. Krauss

    Nutrition plays a key role in prevention of cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death worldwide. Diet influences a broad spectrum of cardiometabolic risk factors, notably a cluster including excess adiposity, dyslipidemia, impaired glucose metabolism and high blood pressure. In the face of…

    Hardback – 2017-11-08
    CRC Press

  • Cardiovascular Catheterization and Intervention

    A Textbook of Coronary, Peripheral, and Structural Heart Disease, Second Edition

    Edited by Debabrata Mukherjee, Eric R. Bates, Marco Roffi, Richard A. Lange, David J. Moliterno

    Interventional cardiology refers to the catheter-based treatment of cardiovascular diseases and is one of the fastest growing fields in medicine. This updated text addresses recent advances in structural heart interventions, in particular aortic and mitral valve procedures. The advent of newer…

    Pack - Book & Ebook – 2017-10-20
    CRC Press

  • Bioresorbable Scaffolds

    From Basic Concept to Clinical Applications

    Edited by Yoshinobu Onuma, Patrick W.J.C. Serruys

    This book focuses on the coronary bioresorbable scaffold, a new interventional treatment for coronary artery disease, differentiated from a permanent metallic stent. The book provides an overview of the technology including non-clinical studies and clinical evidences in order to help clinicians…

    Pack - Book & Ebook – 2017-10-20
    CRC Press

  • OCT Made Easy

    Edited by Hiram G. Bezerra, Guilherme F. Attizzani, Marco A. Costa

    This book, written by premier authors in the field of OCT intravascular imaging, covers the best practices for using OCT to provide high resolution cross-sectional viewing for atherosclerotic plaque assessment, stent strut coverage and apposition, assessment in stent restenosis evaluation, and…

    Paperback – 2017-10-06
    CRC Press

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