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  • The Bell Lap

    Stories for Compassionate Nursing Care

    By Muriel Murch

    The Bell Lap explores, with great insight, the multiple lessons of living and dying. These stories offer engaging and invaluable insights for trainees, practicing nurses, and other health professionals working in the field. Through these stories, the author has laid the ground for caregivers to…

    Paperback – 2016-03-18 
    CRC Press

  • Clinical Nutrition and Aging

    Sarcopenia and Muscle Metabolism

    Edited by Chad Cox

    Sarcopenia—the loss of muscle mass and strength that occurs with advancing age—is a major health challenge, particularly in North America, Europe, and Japan, which have large aging populations. This compendium volume is a valuable addition to the existing literature, providing state-of-the-art…

    Hardback – 2016-03-14 
    Apple Academic Press

  • Environmental Gerontology

    What Now?

    Edited by Rick J. Scheidt, Benyamin Schwarz

    Environmental gerontology – the research on aging and environment – evolved during the late 1960s, when the domain became a relevant topic due to societal concerns with the problems of housing for elderly people. The field proliferated during the 1970s and 1980s, and remains viable and active today…

    Paperback – 2015-07-23

  • Essential Geriatrics, Third Edition

    By Henry Woodford

    This third edition of Essential Geriatrics has been comprehensively updated and expanded, and now includes  over 200 questions and answers throughout the text in the 'best of five' format. This text specifically focuses on the key aspects of elderly care, spanning both general medicine and the…

    Paperback – 2015-06-15
    CRC Press

  • Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias

    A Practical Guide, 3rd Edition

    By Marc E. Agronin

    Working with the needs of patients with Alzheimer’s disease can be a major challenge for primary care physicians, psychiatrists, and other mental-health professionals. Alzheimer’s wreaks havoc on the patient, and its degenerative nature can create a protracted period of anguish and anxiety for the…

    Paperback – 2014-03-21

  • Living Well with Dementia

    The Importance of the Person and the Environment for Wellbeing

    By Shibley Rahman

    This unique guide provides a much needed overview of dementia care. With a strong focus on the importance of patients and families, it explores the multifaceted meaning behind patient wellbeing and its vital significance in the context of national policy. Adopting a positive, evidence-based…

    Paperback – 2014-02-05
    CRC Press

  • Tresch and Aronow's Cardiovascular Disease in the Elderly, Fifth Edition

    Edited by Wilbert S. Aronow, Jerome L. Fleg, Michael W. Rich

    With advances and breakthroughs in modern medicine that are allowing people to live longer, the number of older adults will continue to grow exponentially over the next several decades. Cardiologists, geriatricians, and other clinicians caring for the elderly will require—at the very least—a basic…

    Hardback – 2013-09-04
    CRC Press
    Fundamental and Clinical Cardiology

  • The Ethics of Sex and Alzheimer's

    By John Portmann

    Hardback – 2013-06-21

  • Perspectives on Care at Home for Older People

    Edited by Christine Ceci, Kristín Björnsdóttir, Mary Ellen Purkis

    Demographic and epidemiological changes mean that frail older people have come to be seen as an expensive problem for health care systems. The challenge for professionals and policy-makers is to find ways to respond to the coming crisis by delivering high-quality care in the home. This collection…

    Paperback – 2013-05-23
    Routledge Studies in Health and Social Welfare

  • Acute Medicine in the Frail Elderly

    By Henry Woodford, James George

    Frail older people now contribute the majority of the acute emergency take both medical and surgical. Despite this there is often a lack of confidence and knowledge among doctors and nurses in treating older people in the Emergency Department and on Emergency Assessment Units.From the Preface…

    Paperback – 2013-05-15
    CRC Press

  • Heart Failure, Second Edition

    Edited by Marc Semigran, Jordan T. Shin

    Heart Failure, Second Edition has been updated to provide the latest advancements in heart failure research. Supplemented by more than 200 high-quality figures and illustrations, the book helps cardiologists and emergency care physicians quickly and accurately identify the cause and severity of a…

    Hardback – 2012-12-07
    CRC Press
    Fundamental and Clinical Cardiology

  • Vitamin D

    Oxidative Stress, Immunity, and Aging

    Edited by Adrian F. Gombart

    Vitamin D insufficiency/deficiency is a worldwide, public health problem in both developed and developing countries. Rickets among infants has reemerged. Low levels of vitamin D are associated with increased risk and mortality from cancer. At the same time, the beneficial effects of vitamin D on a…

    Hardback – 2012-11-21
    CRC Press
    Oxidative Stress and Disease

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