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  • Face to Face with Practice

    Existenial Forms of Research for Management Inquiry

    By Steven Segal, Claire Jankelson

    Coming Face to Face with your own practice is an emerging approach to management and professional research that has a significant impact on management practice.. It closes the gap between theory and practice. . An existential form of research means that the researcher carefully attends to their…

    Hardback – 2016-05-26 

  • Librarianship and Intellectual Freedom

    An Ongoing Consideration for Librarians

    Edited by Joyce Hagen-McIntosh

    Libraries have always been frontline defenders of intellectual freedom—and the modern world offers libraries new opportunities in this area as well as new challenges. Because library science schools shape the libraries of the future, they must prepare their students to confront various aspects of…

    Hardback – 2016-04-30 
    Apple Academic Press

  • World Heritage Sites and Tourism

    Global and Local Relations

    By Laurent Bourdeau, Maria Gravari-Barbas

    The remarkable success of the 1972 UNESCO Convention Concerning the Protection of World Cultural and Natural Heritage is borne out by the fact that nearly 1,000 properties have now been designated as possessing Outstanding Universal Value and recognition given to the imperative for their protection…

    Hardback – 2016-04-28 
    Heritage, Culture and Identity

  • Digital Palaeography

    By Stewart Brookes, Malte Rehbein

    Palaeography, both in the narrow sense of the history of handwriting and more broadly as book history and the study of documents and manuscripts as material objects, stands as the foundation of much of medieval studies. However, the palaeographical method has undergone a significant transformation…

    Hardback – 2016-04-28 
    Digital Research in the Arts and Humanities

  • Literary Mapping in the Digital Age

    By David Cooper, Christopher Donaldson

    Drawing on the expertise of leading researchers from around the globe, this pioneering collection of essays explores how geospatial technologies are revolutionizing the discipline of literary studies. The book offers the first intensive examination of digital literary cartography, a field whose…

    Hardback – 2016-04-14 
    Digital Research in the Arts and Humanities

  • Managing Information Services

    An Innovative Approach, 4th Edition

    By Jo Bryson

    This fourth edition of Jo Bryson's highly regarded Managing Information Services has been thoroughly revised with an emphasis on innovation. Operating in a digital era, libraries must innovate to survive and grow. This means librarians having radical ideas which challenge the status quo, shifting…

    Paperback – 2016-04-11 

  • Islamophobia in Cyberspace

    Hate Crimes Go Viral

    By Imran Awan

    Cyber hate can take many different forms from online material which can lead to actual offline abuse and violence, cyber violence; cyber stalking, and online harassment with the use of visual images, videos, chat rooms, text and social media which are intended to cause harm. This book examines the…

    Hardback – 2016-01-28

  • Perspectives on Information

    Edited by Magnus Ramage, David Chapman

    Information is everywhere, and defines everything in today's society. Moreover, information is a key concept in a wide range of academic disciplines, from quantum physics to public policy. However, these disciplines all interpret the concept in quite different ways. This book looks at information…

    Paperback – 2016-01-20
    Routledge Studies in Library and Information Science

  • Heritage, Democracy and the Public

    Nordic Approaches

    By Torgrim Sneve Guttormsen, Grete Swensen

    What is the significance of heritage for how welfare is defined? What function does heritage have in the public realm and how is heritage becoming a resource for citizens to gain influence in society? Who and what defines the public debates and the politics about heritage? Is there a knowledge gap…

    Hardback – 2016-01-06

  • Conflict Landscapes and Archaeology from Above

    By Birger Stichelbaut, David Cowley

    The study of conflict archaeology has developed rapidly over the last decade, fuelled in equal measure by technological advances and creative analytical frameworks. Nowhere is this truer than in the inter-disciplinary fields of archaeological practice that combine traditional sources such as…

    Hardback – 2016-01-06
    Material Culture and Modern Conflict

  • Privacy and Healthcare Data

    'Choice of Control' to 'Choice' and 'Control'

    By Christina Munns, Subhajit Basu

    In order for the information society to realise its full potential, personal data has to be disclosed, used and often shared. This book explores the disclosure and sharing of data within the area of healthcare. Including an overview of how health information is currently managed, the authors argue…

    Hardback – 2015-12-15

  • Balkan Heritages

    Negotiating History and Culture

    By Maria Couroucli, Tchavdar Marinov

    This volume deals with the relation between heritage, history and politics in the Balkans. Contributions examine diverse ways in which material and immaterial heritage has been articulated, negotiated and manipulated since the nineteenth century. The major question addressed here is how modern…

    Hardback – 2015-12-07
    British School at Athens - Modern Greek and Byzantine Studies

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