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  • Exercise, Health and Mental Health

    Emerging Relationships, 1st Edition

    Edited by Guy E.J. Faulkner, Adrian H. Taylor

    Exercise, Health and Mental Health provides an introduction to this emerging field and a platform for future research and practice. Written by internationally acclaimed exercise, health and medical scientists, it is the first systematic review of the evidence for the potential role of exercise…

    Paperback – 2005-12-20

  • Pain and Injury in Sport

    Social and Ethical Analysis, 1st Edition

    Edited by Sigmund Loland, Berit Skirstad, Ivan Waddington

    For elite athletes, pain and injury are normal. In a challenge to the orthodox medical model, this book makes it clear that pain and injury cannot be understood in terms of physiology alone, and examines the influence of social and cultural processes on how athletes experience pain and injury. It…

    Paperback – 2005-12-16
    Ethics and Sport

  • Corrective Exercise: A Practical Approach

    A Practical Approach, 1st Edition

    By Kesh Patel

    Edited by Naomi Wilkinson

    Corrective and functional exercise is a rapidly advancing field. Exercise is an essential factor in all injury recovery, conditioning and performance, and if used correctly can play a preventative role in injury management. In the injured athlete, gym user or armchair athlete, corrective exercise…

    Paperback – 2005-07-29

  • Sport, Professionalism and Pain

    Ethnographies of Injury and Risk, 1st Edition

    By David Howe

    Are pain and injury managed appropriately in the environment of professional sport?Is sports medicine a tool to empower or to disempower athletes? David Howe considers these and other pertinent concerns and questions whether, in the world of modern sport, it is the participants themselves or the…

    Paperback – 2003-12-18
    Ethics and Sport

  • Body Knowledge and Control

    Studies in the Sociology of Physical Education and Health, 1st Edition

    Edited by John Evans, Brian Davies, Jan Wright

    Today's society is obsessed with the body, its size, shape and healthiness. Governments, business and the popular media, spend and earn fortunes encouraging populations to get healthy, eat properly, exercise daily and get thin. But how are current social trends and attitudes…

    Paperback – 2003-10-23

  • Physical Activity and Health

    The Evidence Explained, 1st Edition

    By Adrianne E. Hardman, David J. Stensel

    Physical Activity and Health explains clearly, systematically and in detail the relationships between physical activity, health and disease, and examines the benefits of exercise in the prevention and treatment of a wide range of important conditions. Now in a fully updated and revised edition,…

    Hardback – 2003-08-21

  • Drugs in Sport

    3rd Edition

    Edited by David Mottram, David Mottram

    Drug use and abuse represents perhaps the most profound and high-profile issue facing sport today. Each major international championship seems to deliver a new drug-related controversy, while drug takers and sports administrators attempt to out-manoeuvre each other with new substances and new…

    Hardback – 2003-01-09

  • Kinanthropometry and Exercise Physiology Laboratory Manual: Tests, Procedures and Data

    Volume Two: Exercise Physiology, 2nd Edition

    By Roger Eston, Thomas Reilly

    Edited by Tom Reilly, Roger Eston

    This is the second edition of the highly successful Kinanthropometry and Exercise Physiology Laboratory Manual. Developed as a key resource for lecturers and students of kinanthropometry, sports science, human movement and exercise physiology, this edition is thoroughly revise and completely…

    Paperback – 2001-07-26

  • Physical Therapy and Massage for the Horse

    Biomechanics-Excercise-Treatment, Second Edition, 2nd Edition

    By Jean-Marie Denoix

    This is an expanded and updated edition of a bestselling book. The author, a world leader in equine anatomy and imaging, and a horse physiotherapist of international repute, provides a unique blend of basic biomechanics and practical physical therapeutic techniques, to relieve pain and improve…

    Paperback – 2001-03-13
    CRC Press

  • Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming VII

    1st Edition

    By A.P. Hollander, D. Strass, J. Troup

    Following on from the successful Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming VI proceedings which covered the conference held in Liverpool, this book contains all twelve of the keynote addresses and selected, edited and revised papers presented at the Swimming Science VII conference in Atlanta. Leading…

    Hardback – 1996-10-31

  • Sports Medicine for Coaches and Athletes

    Soccer, 1st Edition

    By Adil E. Shamoo, William H. Baugher, Robert M. Germeroth

    This book is a practical guide and concise sports medicine reference, written exclusively for the sport of soccer. Based on Adil Shamoo's notes from years of coaching, teaching, and lecturing on the subject, this succinct handbook approaches soccer from a unique scientific perspective. The…

    Paperback – 1995-11-26

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