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  • Uses of Heritage

    1st Edition

    By Laurajane Smith

    Examining international case studies including USA, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Laurajane Smith identifies and explores the use of heritage throughout the world. Challenging the idea that heritage value is self-evident, and that things must be preserved because they have an inherent…

    Paperback – 2006-08-16

  • The Future of Visual Anthropology

    Engaging the Senses, 1st Edition

    By Sarah Pink

    From an eminent author in the field, The Future of Visual Anthropology develops a new approach to visual anthropology and presents a groundbreaking examination of developments within the field and the way forward for the subdiscipline in the twenty-first century. The explosion of visual media in…

    Paperback – 2005-12-22

  • Photographs Objects Histories

    On the Materiality of Images, 1st Edition

    Edited by Elizabeth Edwards, Janice Hart

    This innovative volume explores the idea that while photographs are images, they are also objects, and this materiality is integral to their meaning and use. The case studies presented focus on photographs active in different institutional, political, religious and domestic spheres, where physical…

    Paperback – 2004-03-25

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