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  • Internal Colonization in Medieval Europe

    1st Edition

    By Felipe Fernandez-Armesto, James Muldoon

    Around the year 1000 Rodulfus Glaber described France as being in the throes of a building boom. He may have been the first writer to perceive the early medieval period as a Dark Age that was ending to be replaced by a better world. In the articles gathered here distinguished medieval historians…

    Hardback – 2008-12-22
    The Expansion of Latin Europe, 1000-1500

  • Seventeenth-Century English Recipe Books: Cooking, Physic and Chirurgery in the Works of Elizabeth Talbot Grey and Aletheia Talbot Howard

    Essential Works for the Study of Early Modern Women: Series III, Part Three, Volume 3, 1st Edition

    Edited by Elizabeth Spiller

    Recipe books are a key part of food history; they register the ideals and practices of domestic work, physical health and sustenance and they are at the heart of material culture as it was experienced by early modern Englishwomen. In a world in which daily sustenance and physical health were…

    Hardback – 2008-09-05
    The Early Modern Englishwoman: A Facsimile Library of Essential Works Series III, Part Three

  • Governing Agrobiodiversity

    Plant Genetics and Developing Countries, 1st Edition

    By Regine Andersen

    Plant genetic diversity is crucial to the breeding of food crops and is therefore a central precondition for food security. Diverse genetic resources provide the genetic traits required to deal with crop pests and diseases, as well as changing climate conditions. Plant genetic diversity is also…

    Hardback – 2008-07-28
    Global Environmental Governance

  • Men and the War on Obesity

    A Sociological Study, 1st Edition

    By Lee F. Monaghan

    Is obesity really a public health problem and what does the construction of obesity as a health problem mean for men? According to official statistics, the majority of men in nations such as England and the USA are overweight or obese. Public health officials, researchers, governments and various…

    Paperback – 2008-03-31

  • EU Development Policy and Poverty Reduction

    Enhancing Effectiveness, 1st Edition

    Edited by Wil Hout

    This inspiring collection analyzes the contribution of EU development policy to poverty reduction. It focuses on various aspects of the policy - trade, agriculture and food security, and modes of policy making and implementation - and covers three geographical areas in relation to Europe - Latin…

    Hardback – 2007-12-28
    The International Political Economy of New Regionalisms Series

  • Fair Trade

    The Challenges of Transforming Globalization, 1st Edition

    Edited by Laura T. Raynolds, Douglas Murray, John Wilkinson

    This book explores the challenges and potential of Fair Trade, one of the world’s most dynamic efforts to enhance global social justice and environmental sustainability through market based social change. Fair Trade links food consumers and agricultural producers across the Global North/ South…

    Paperback – 2007-05-10

  • Food, Morals and Meaning

    The Pleasure and Anxiety of Eating, 2nd Edition

    By John Coveney

    Following on from the success of the first edition, John Coveney traces our complex relationship with food and eating and our preoccupation with diet, self-discipline and food guilt. Using our current fascination with health and nutrition, he explores why our appetite for food pleasures…

    Hardback – 2006-05-11

  • Food, Morals and Meaning

    The Pleasure and Anxiety of Eating, 2nd Edition

    By John Coveney

    First published in 2006. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.…

    Paperback – 2006-05-11

  • The Obesity Epidemic

    Science, Morality and Ideology, 1st Edition

    By Michael Gard, Jan Wright

    Increasing obesity levels are currently big news but do we think carefully enough about what this trend actually means? Everybody – including doctors, parents, teachers, sports clubs, businesses and governments – has a role to play in the ‘war on obesity’. But is talk of an obesity ‘crisis’…

    Paperback – 2005-04-26

  • Splicing Life?

    The New Genetics and Society, 1st Edition

    By Peter Glasner, Harry Rothman

    Geno-technology is a technology unlike any other, with significant implications for life in the 21st century. It directly affects us at a deeply personal level, it poses a threat to the boundaries which conventionally define selfhood, it generates potentially novel risks and dangers, and it…

    Hardback – 2004-07-16
    Cardiff Papers in Qualitative Research

  • The Recipe Reader

    Narratives - Contexts - Traditions, 1st Edition

    By Janet Floyd, Laurel Forster

    Over the last decade there has been an intense and widespread interest in the writing and publishing of cookery books; yet there remains surprisingly little contextualized analysis of the recipe as a generic form. This essay collection asserts that the recipe in all its cultural and textual…

    Hardback – 2003-12-23

  • 'Shall She Famish Then?'

    Female Food Refusal in Early Modern England, 1st Edition

    By Nancy A. Gutierrez

    Nancy Gutierrez's exploration of female food refusal during the early modern period contributes to the ongoing conversation about female subjectivity and agency in a number of ways. She joins such scholars as Gail Kern Paster, Jonathan Sawday, and Michael Schoenfeldt, who locate early modern ideas…

    Hardback – 2003-09-23
    Women and Gender in the Early Modern World

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