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  • Creativity and Psychotic States in Exceptional People

    The work of Murray Jackson

    By Murray Jackson

    Edited by Jeanne Magagna

    Creativity and Psychotic States in Exceptional People tells the story of the lives of four exceptionally gifted individuals:  Vincent van Gogh, Vaslav Nijinsky, José Saramago and John Nash.  Previously unpublished chapters by Murray Jackson are set in a contextual framework by Jeanne Magagna,…

    Paperback – 2015-02-05
    The International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis Book Series

  • Weathering the Storms

    Psychotherapy for Psychosis

    By Murray Jackson

    In a series of fascinating supervisory case studies the author draws on Kleinian concepts and Scandinavian clinical experience to show how a psychotherapeutic approach can, through a combination of empathy and sound theory, stabilise, contain, integrate and tame the unnamable terrors and…

    Paperback – 2001-12-31

  • Unimaginable Storms

    A Search for Meaning in Psychosis

    By Murray Jackson

    A distillation of many years' work on a therapeutic milieu ward of the Maudsley Hospital, in which psychotic patients were treated with an integral combination of psychiatric and psychological care anchored in the use of advanced psychoanalytic concepts of psychosis. Compelling clinical material is…

    Paperback – 1994-12-31

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