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  • Education Research and the Media

    Challenges and Possibilities

    Edited by Stewart Riddle, Aspa Baroutsis, Pat Thomson

    Scholarly articles and books are no longer the primary focus for educational researchers, as they are increasingly encouraged to publish in traditional and new media – newspapers, television, radio, blogs and social media. How does this mediatised landscape impact on scholarly endeavours? What are…

    Paperback – 2018-04-15

  • Mainstreams, Margins and the Spaces In-between

    New possibilities for education research

    Edited by Karen Trimmer, Ali Black, Stewart Riddle

    This book explores the complexities of investigating minorities, majorities, boundaries and borders, and the experiences of researchers who choose to work in these spaces. It engages with issues of ethics, disclosure and representation, and contends with and seeks to contribute to emerging debates…

    Paperback – 2017-05-24
    Routledge Research in Education

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