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  • Prosperity without Growth

    Foundations for the Economy of Tomorrow, 2nd Edition

    By Tim Jackson

    What can prosperity possibly mean in a world of environmental and social limits? The publication of Prosperity without Growth was a landmark in the sustainability debate. Tim Jackson’s piercing challenge to conventional economics openly questioned the most highly prized goal of politicians and…

    Paperback – 2016-12-05

  • The Earthscan Reader on Sustainable Consumption

    Edited by Tim Jackson

    Sustainable consumption is a controversial concept: politically, socially and intellectually. Consumption drives our economies and defines our lives; making it sustainable is an enormous and essential challenge. The World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002 set in place a 10-year programme of…

    Paperback – 2006-10-01
    Earthscan Reader Series

  • The Fashion Handbook

    By Tim Jackson, David Shaw

    The Fashion Handbook is the indispensable guide to the fashion industry. It explores the varied and diverse aspects of the business, bringing together critical concepts with practical information about the industry’s structure and core skills, as well as offering advice on real working practices…

    Paperback – 2004-09-20
    Media Practice

  • The General Practice Journey

    The Future of Educational Management in Primary Care

    By Tim Swanick, Neil Jackson

    This comprehensive book provides up-to-date information examining the breadth and depth of postgraduate general practice education at the outset of the 21st century. It includes many keynote contributions from representatives of the Department of Health, undergraduate medicine and the Royal College…

    Paperback – 2003-07-31
    CRC Press

  • Flexibility in Global Climate Policy

    Beyond Joint Implementation

    By Tim Jackson, Stuart Parkinson

    Edited by Katie Begg

    Since the adoption of the Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in 1997, the negotiation of policy responses to climate change has become an area of major research. This authoritative volume sets out the main debates and processes of joint implementation -…

    Paperback – 2000-08-01

  • Material Concerns

    Pollution, Profit and Quality of Life

    By Tim Jackson

    Material Concerns offers new perspectives on key environmental issues - pollution prevention, ecological economics, limits to sustainability, consumer behaviour and government policy. The first non-technical introduction to preventative environmental management, Material Concerns offers realistic…

    Paperback – 1996-05-09

  • Clean Production Strategies Developing Preventive Environmental Management in the Industrial Economy

    By Tim Jackson

    Clean Production Strategies is a cross-disciplinary book that presents a comprehensive examination of a new ethic emphasizing the appropriate design of products, processes, and economic activities to reduce the generation of waste into the environment. The book explores concepts and principles,…

    Hardback – 1993-05-12
    CRC Press

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