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5 tips to study smarter from a psychologist

Dr Gary Wood, author of Letters to a New Student, shares 5 helpful study tips.

1) Be pro-active and make a habit of actively relaxing to reduce stress 

2) Work smarter not harder by using key learning principles in psychology

3) Create a positive learning environment and a predictable routine to aid memory and learning 

4) Actively engage to make sense of learning material instead of passive approaches. Ask and answer questions rather than just reading through your notes 

5) Be clear with other people about how they can support you and ask for help when you need 

About the Author

Dr Gary Wood is a Chartered Psychologist, solution-focused life coach and broadcaster. He is Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and has taught psychology, research methods and learning skills in several UK universities. Gary appears in the media offering expert analysis and coaching tips and as an agony uncle (advice columnist). To find out more visit:

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