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Gender and Sexualities in Psychology: An interview with the series editors

We are delighted to share with you this exclusive interview with Elizabeth Peel and Elizabeth Stokoe, series editors of Gender and Sexualities in Psychology.

What are your primary areas of research? 

EP: For 20 years I’ve contributed to the field of, what’s now known as, LGBTIQ psychology from feminist and discursive perspectives. I am especially interested in families, relationships and health in and across genders and sexualities.

ES: Over 20+ years, I have worked in conversation analysis and discursive psychology, and spent a lot of time showing how to study gender in ways that avoid a priori theorizing while remaining committed to feminism.

Is there something you think is important to highlight about the topics this series will explore? 

We’re excited to see what cutting-edge work in genders and sexualities is submitted to the series. We would be surprised not to see work which explores current debates about gender identities and gendered bodies. There are so many interesting topics related to sexualities and genders we would not want to foreclose contributions by spotlighting particular topics.

How has research in gender and sexualities developed over the past 10 years? 

There is increasing emphasis on trans and non-binary gender research and debate which is having a major impact on this field.

If you were to give advice to an academic interested in submitting a proposal to the series, what would it be? 

Think clearly about how best to combine your passion for your area of expertise with a proposal for a book that will also make it relevant for new readers to your field. Monographs and edited collections are equally valid proposal forms and we welcome both.

Why should academics submit proposals for this series? 

A book is a luxurious opportunity to be field-defining – and to write really thoroughly about a key research project, a series of projects, or a theoretical framework. 

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About the Series

Gender and Sexualities in Psychology is a book series showcasing scholarly work over a wide range of areas within gender and sexualities in psychology, and the intersection of gender, feminism, sexualities and LGBTIQ psychology with other areas of the discipline.The series includes theoretically and empirically informed scholarship including critical, feminist, queer, trans, social, and intersectional perspectives, and encourages creative and innovative methodological approaches. The series adopts an inclusive approach to the discipline of psychology (as well as its cross-cutting relationship to related disciplines) and a recognition of the diversity in research on genders and sexualities.

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