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Europa World August 2018 - Upload Highlights

A comprehensive update of Europa World took place this month.

Our Country Profiles have been extensively revised to provide the latest political and economic developments for each country and territory, while the statistical surveys for every country in the world have been comprehensively updated to give the latest available statistics on key demographic and socio-economic indicators.

In addition to the printed book, it is also available as an online resource which is updated every week. Find out more about Europa World – Visit:

New for Central and South-Eastern Europe 2019:

  • All essays have been fully revised and updated, including a new analysis of Russian influence in South-Eastern Europe.
  • Fully updated statistical tables cover a wide range of demographic, financial and socioeconomic topics.
  • Political and economic developments are evaluated, with analysis of developments in the Macedonian ‘name issue’, results and discussion of the recent legislative elections in Slovenia, and description of the events leading up to the legislative approval of a new, minority cabinet in the Czech Republic under Andrej Babiš in mid-2018. Political changes throughout the region are also reflected in updated directory sections, and chronologies chart key developments.
  • Detailed listings are provided for international organizations and research institutes, books and periodicals covering the region.

Please click on the regional links below to view a summary of recently updated content.

Ethiopia – President of Somali region replaced

Ghana – dismissal of Minister of Energy; government reorganization

Lesotho - Minister of Tourism, the Environment and Culture dismissed; resignation of Minister of Forestry, Range and Soil Conservation

Mali – presidential election results

Mozambique – replacement of three provincial governors

Sierra Leone – new central bank governor

Somalia – minor government reorganization; new defence chiefs appointed

South Sudan – Minister of Labour, Public Service and Human Resource Development dismissed

Zambia – new Minister of Gender appointed; dismissal of Air Force Commander

Zimbabwe – Senate election results

Belarus – new Prime Minister, new First Deputy Prime Minister, three (of four) new Deputy Prime Ministers, new Ministers of Architecture and Construction, of Communications and Information Technology, and of Industry.

Georgia (`Republic of Abkhazia’) – resignation of the Vice-President.

Kazakhstan – new Minister of Defence

Kyrgyzstan – new Mayor of Bishkek

Turkmenistan – new Minister of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations, new Chairman of the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange

Ukraine – assassination of the `Head and Chairman of the Council of Ministers’ of the `Donetsk People’s Republic’

Australia – new Prime Minister and new ministerial appointments

Brunei – new Attorney-General and new Commander of the Royal Brunei Air Force

Cambodia – election results

China, People’s Republic – new Acting Governors of Jiangxi Province and Qinghai Province

Fiji – President reappointed

Indonesia – new Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform, resignation of the Minister of Social Affairs

Korea, Republic – new Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Mongolia – dismissal of Minister of Roads and Transport Development

Nauru – dismissal of the Minister of the Nauru Royalties Trust, of Telecommunications and of Communications and Technology

New Zealand – minister demoted from the Cabinet, minster portfolio removed

Philippines – new Chief Justice

Samoa – resignation of the New Zealand High Commissioner

Iran – Minister of the Economy and Finance, and Minister of Co-operatives, Labour and Social Security removed from office by parliament; new commanders of the Iranian Air Force and the Revolutionary Guards Corps Navy; new Governor of the Central Bank

Morocco – new Minister of the Economy and Finance

Tunisia – Minister of Energy, Mining and Renewable Energy dismissed; Pres. and CEO of Entreprise Tunisienne d’Activités Pétrolières also removed from office

Chile – new cabinet appointments

Colombia – new President and Government take office

Costa Rica – new Supreme Court President appointed

Ecuador – resignation of Minister of Agriculture, successor appointed

Panama – new Minister of Education appointed

Paraguay – new President and Government take office

Trinidad and Tobago – cabinet reshuffle

USA - updates to all the state legislatures

Bhutan – National Assembly dissolved; Government of Tshering Tobgay resigns and replaced by a technocratic cabinet of advisors in advance of legislative elections due later in 2018

India – former Minister of Finance and of Corporate Affairs regains both portfolios following illness

Pakistan – new Prime Minister and Cabinet, plus new Governors and Chief Ministers of provincial governments; election results for National Assembly and provincial legislatures

Finland – new Central Bank Governor

France – Minister of Ecological and Solidarity Transition resigned

Ireland – new President of the Court of Appeal

Norway – new Minister of Fisheries

Spain – new leader of the Partido Popular

Office of the UN High Commission for Human Rights – new High Commissioner appointed

Economic Cooperation Organization – new Secretary-General