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Europa World October 2018 - Upload Highlights

A comprehensive update of the Europa World Plus content relating to Africa South of the Sahara, Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia, the Far East and Australasia, the Middle East and North Africa, South America, Central America and the Caribbean, and South Asia has taken place.

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New for Africa South of the Sahara 2019:

  • Included among the events detailed and analysed in this edition are the resignations of Robert Mugabe and Jacob Zuma as Presidents of Zimbabwe and South Africa, respectively, the tentative steps towards peace in South Sudan, the considerable economic and political reforms implemented in Angola by João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço (President since September 2017), and the rapprochement between Ethiopia and Eritrea, which brought an end to the state of war that had existed between the two countries since 1998.
  • Considerable political changes throughout the region are also reflected in thoroughly updated directory sections.
  • Fully updated statistical tables covering a wide range of demographic, financial and socio-economic topics.
  • A Calendar of Political Events provides rapid reference to key incidents in 2017–18.
  • Details of international organizations operating in sub-Saharan Africa and detailed listings for research institutes covering the region.
  • Fully revised and updated bibliographies of books and periodicals providing a guide to further reading.

Cameroon – presidential election results

CAR – death of Minister of the Promotion of Youth and Sport; new National Assembly President

Eswatini – new House of Assembly Speaker elected; new Prime Minister appointed

Ethiopia – resignation of President; new Government appointed

Mauritania – new National Assembly President elected; new Prime Minister

Rwanda – government changes

STP – legislative election results

Czech Republic – new Minister of Foreign Affairs

Greece – Prime Minister has additionally become Minister of Foreign Affairs

Kosovo – new Minister of Internal Affairs

Latvia – legislative election results

New for Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia 2019:

  • Political and economic developments evaluated include analysis of the change of power brought about by popular demonstrations in Armenia, description of the reforms being implemented in Uzbekistan under President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, details of the presidential election in the Russian Federation that returned Vladimir Putin to a fourth cumulative (and second consecutive) term, and of the numerous elections to regional leaderships conducted in Russia in September 2018, along with a discussion of the ongoing conflict in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine.
  • Political changes throughout the region are also reflected in updated directory sections, and chronologies chart key developments in each country and territory. For the first time, directories of the self-proclaimed `Governments’ and associated bodies in the two `People’s Republics’ in Eastern Ukraine are provided.
  • Fully updated statistical tables cover a wide range of demographic, financial and socioeconomic topics.
  • Detailed listings are provided for international organizations and research institutes, books and periodicals covering the region.

Armenia – dismissal of six Government ministers and six regional Governors; new Ministers of Agriculture, of Economic Development and Investment, of Emergency Situations, of Energy Infrastructure and Natural Resources, of Sport and Youth Affairs, and of Transport, Communications and Information Technology; new Mayor of Yerevan; new Governor of Syunik Marz

Kyrgyzstan – new Minister of Foreign Affairs, new acting Minister of Culture, Information and Tourism, removal from office of Minister of Labour and Social Development

Russian Federation (Territories) – transfer of the erstwhile Presidential Representative in the North-Western Federal Okrug to the post of Acting Governor of St Petersburg; new acting governors of the Republics of Bashkortostan and of Khakasiya, of Transbaikal Krai, and of Kurgan, Kursk, and Lipetsk Oblasts; new Governor of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug

Tajikistan – new acting Chairman of Kuhistoni Badakhshon Autonomous Viloyat Administration (Khukumat)

Ukraine (`Lugansk People’s Republic’) – minor governmental reorganization.

Uzbekistan – dismissal of Deputy Prime Minister, responsible for Agriculture and Water Resources, Agricultural Processing and Food Products.

New for The Far East and Australasia 2019:

  • Political and economic developments delineated and analysed include the dramatic events surrounding détente on the Korean Peninsula; the further increase of the dominance of Xi Jinping in China, including the removal of a presidential term limit; the snap legislative election called by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Japan; and the unexpected election victory of the opposition alliance in Malaysia, defeating the political force that had governed the country since independence in 1957 and ushering in a new premiership for the veteran Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad.
  • A calendar of the principal political events in the region in 2017-18 provides a convenient reference guide to the year’s developments.
  • Fully updated statistical tables cover a wide range of demographic, financial and socio-economic topics and directory information covering government and politics, society and media, and business and commerce has been meticulously updated by our editorial team.
  • A comprehensive survey of the region’s major commodities, including fully updated statistical tables, has been thoroughly revised.

Japan – extensive cabinet reorganization

Korea, Republic – new Deputy Prime Minister for Social Affairs and Minister of Education, new Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Mongolia – new Minister of Road and Transport Development

Papua New Guinea – new Minister for Economic Development of Autonomous Bougainville Government

Philippines – Chief Justice retires, Cabinet Secretary resigns, new Chairman of the Commission on Higher Education, new Secretary of Foreign Affairs, new Commanding General of the Philippine Army, new head of Department of Social Welfare and Development, new Minister of Economics for the Autonomous Bougainville Government, new Director-General of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority

Solomon Islands - new Minister for Women, Youth, Children Affairs

Taiwan – resignation of the Chairperson of Transitional Justice Commission

Thailand – new military commanders

Viet Nam – new President

New for The Middle East and North Africa 2019:

  • Political and economic developments during the previous 12 months are analysed and discussed in detail. These include: parliamentary elections in Iraq, as well as the fallout from the controversial referendum on independence for that country’s Kurdish Autonomous Region; the growing tension in relations between the USA and Iran, the USA’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel; early elections to both the presidency and the legislature in Turkey, and the country’s transition to a presidential system of government; developments in the Syrian civil war and the conflict in Yemen.
  • Statistical and directory content has been fully revised and updated for the 2019 edition.
  • The most prominent international organizations active in the Middle East and North Africa are included in a dedicated directory, as are research institutes around the world concerned with regional studies. Select Bibliographies of books and periodicals for further research are also included.

Jordan – reorganization of the Government including new Ministers of Agriculture and of the Environment, of Culture and of Youth, of Education and of Higher Education and Scientific Research, of Health, of Public Works and Housing, of Social Development, and of Water and Irrigation

Iraq – new President and Prime Minister sworn into office; partial approval of new Cabinet

Libya – new Ministers of Economy and Industry, of Finance, and of the Interior appointed to the internationally recognized Government of National Accord

Yemen – appointment of new Prime Minister

New for South America, Central America and the Caribbean 2019:

  • New content includes coverage of the election as President of the populist left-winger Andrés Manuel López Obrador; an examination of the end of almost 60 years of rule by the Castro brothers in Cuba, with the succession to the presidency of Miguel Díaz-Canel; details of the events prior to the presidential election in Brazil; analysis of the deteriorating economic and social situation in Venezuela; and coverage of the various ongoing post-hurricane recovery programmes in the Caribbean. Introductory articles cover a variety of subjects of regional significance, including democracy in Latin America, the so-called ‘Citizenship by Investment’ programmes in the Caribbean, Mexican relations with the USA under the presidency of Donald J. Trump and a study of the impact on the Caribbean of Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017.
  • Analysis of numerous elections and changes of government in the region in 2017/18, including handovers of power in Barbados, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, Paraguay and Peru.
  • Fully updated statistical tables covering a wide range of demographic, financial and socioeconomic topics.
  • Revised details of international organizations operating in the region, detailed listings for research institutes covering the region and a select bibliography of titles for further research.

Bolivia – head of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, successor appointed

Brazil – presidential and legislative election results

Cayman Islands – new Governor takes office

Panama – resignation of Minister of Labour

Peru – resignation of Minister of the Interior and replacement appointed; gubernatorial election results

Canada – new appointments to the Senate

Canada (Territories and Provinces) – results of the general election in Québec; new Prime Minister, new Executive Council, and new President of the National Assembly in Québec; reorganization of the Executive Council and new Speaker of the Legislative Assembly in New Brunswick

USA – swearing in of Brett Kavanaugh as an Associate Justice of the federal Supreme Court

USA (States) – new Lieutenant-Governor and new Commissioner of Health and Social Services in Alaska.

New for South Asia 2019:

  • In this comprehensive update, political and economic developments covered include the change in government in Pakistan following parliamentary elections in July 2018; the political crisis in the Maldives during 2017–18 leading to the election of a new President; the successful completion of local, provincial and federal parliamentary elections in Nepal for the first time under that country’s 2015 Constitution; and elections to the state assemblies of several Indian states.
  • All statistical surveys and directories have been thoroughly updated. Also included is a section covering in detail the history and current affairs of each of India’s 29 States and seven Territories. Listings are provided for the most significant international organizations active in the region, as well as research institutes, books and periodicals concerned with regional affairs.

Bhutan – second round of elections to the National Assembly

Sri Lanka – appointment of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa as Prime Minister, new cabinet ministers

Greenland – new coalition took office

France – resignation of the Minister of the Interior; cabinet reshuffle

Germany – elections in Bavaria and Hesse

Ireland – Michael D. Higgins re-elected President

Luxembourg – legislative elections

Portugal – cabinet changes; new Army Chief of Staff

San Marino – new Captains-Regent; new Secretary of State for Finance, the Budget, Postal Services, Transport and Economic Planning

Switzerland – elections in Zug canton