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Europa World November 2017 - Upload Highlights

A comprehensive update of Europa World took place this month.

Our Country Profiles have been extensively revised to provide the latest political and economic developments for each country and territory, while the statistical surveys for every country in the world have been comprehensively updated to give the latest available statistics on key demographic and socio-economic indicators.

In addition to the printed book, it is also available as an online resource which is updated every week. Find out more about Europa World – Visit:

A comprehensive update of the Europa World Plus content relating to The Far East and Australasia, The Middle East and North Africa and Western Europe has taken place.

New for Far East and Australasia 2018:

  • Coverage of recent political and economic developments, including the destabilizing effect of North Korea’s accelerating missile testing programme, East Asia’s international relations in the context of the US presidency of Donald Trump, the impeachment and removal from office of South Korean President Park Geun-Hye, the death of the widely venerated monarch of Thailand, King Bhumibol Adulyadej, and the plight of the Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar.
  • A calendar of the principal political events in the region in 2016-17 provides a convenient reference guide to the year’s developments.
  • Fully updated statistical tables cover a wide range of demographic, financial and socio-economic topics. 
  • Directory information covering government and politics, society and media, and business and commerce has been meticulously updated by our editorial team.
  • A comprehensive survey of the region’s major commodities, including fully updated statistical tables, has been thoroughly revised.
  • Fully revised and updated bibliographies of books and periodicals pertinent to individual countries and the region provide a guide to further reading.

New for Middle East and North Africa 2018:

  • All essays have been fully revised and updated by experts in regional affairs. The latest edition of the Middle East and North Africa features an essay analysing US foreign policy in the Middle East from the early 20th Century to the present day. Other essays discuss the effects of the Syrian refugee crisis in the region, nuclear proliferation, political Islam, Kurdish political autonomy and the campaign for an independent state, the oil and natural gas industries, and the region’s major religions.
  • Statistical surveys of each country provide a wide range of the latest available demographic, financial and socioeconomic data on each country.
  • Fully updated statistical tables covering a wide range of demographic, financial and socioeconomic topics.
  • A Calendar of Political Events charts key developments in the region during October 2016–September 2017.
  • Current political developments are described and assessed in detail. These include the ongoing conflicts in Syria and Yemen, successes in attempts by the international coalition forces and the Iraqi Government to regain territory from Islamic State in Iraq and northern Syria. Political changes throughout the region–including the presidential election in Iran, legislative elections in Algeria and Morocco, upheaval within the Saudi Arabian royal family and the constitutional referendum in Turkey–are also reflected in updated directory sections.
  • Revised details of international organizations operating in the Middle East and North Africa, detailed listings for research institutes covering the region and a select bibliography of titles for further research.

New for Western Europe 2018:

  • All essays have been revised and updated by acknowledged experts on the region. Topics of regional importance covered in the volume include political developments in the European Union (EU), economic perspectives of the eurozone, Europe’s foreign and security policy, recent developments in EU trade policy, Europe and the migration crisis, populism in the region, and Islam and Western Europe. 
  • Contemporary events in the region are outlined and analysed. Notably, the United Kingdom began the process of exiting the EU by invoking Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon, and negotiations began between the British Government and EU officials. Analysis of elections and government formation is offered, including details of the early elections in Austria, Iceland, Malta and the UK, and of scheduled elections in countries including France, Germany, the Netherlands and Norway. 
  • As well as essays on each country’s recent political history and economic developments, chapters also include an updated chronology and geographical information; fully updated statistical tables on a wide range of demographic, financial and socio-economic topics; and a full directory covering the constitution, government, political organizations, diplomatic representation, religious groups, the media, finance, trade and industry, tourism, defence and education; and a select bibliography. 
  • A directory section comprising information on institutions worldwide concerned with the study of Western Europe, and select bibliographies of books and periodicals dealing with the region complete the volume. 

Please click on the regional links below to view a summary of recently updated content.

Angola – head of national oil company replaced

Equatorial Guinea – legislative election results

The Gambia – Minister of the Interior dismissed

Mauritania – minor government reshuffle

MauritiusVice-Prime Minister, Minister of Housing and Lands removed from office

Mozambique – Minister of Youth and Sport replaced

Sierra Leone – dismissal of Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs

Somalia – Minister of Aid and Disaster Management resigned; new Minister of Defence appointed

Zimbabwe – resignation of President; First Vice-President dismissed; government dissolved

Kyrgyzstan – inauguration of President; minor government reorganization.

Turkmenistan –new Hakims of Ahal, Lebap and Mari Velayats.

Uzbekistan –government reorganization, with new appointments including those of Ministers of the Economy, of Finance, and of Foreign Trade.

Cambodia – main opposition party dissolved by Supreme Court, seats reallocated, new First Vice-President of the National Assembly

China – new Minister of Public Security, new Acting Governor of Liaoning Province

Korea, North – new Minister of State Security

Korea, Republic – new Minister of SMEs and Startups, new President of the Constitutional Court

Myanmar – new Ministry and Minister of the Office of the Union Government and new Ministry and Minister of International Co-operation

New Zealand – new Speaker

Solomon Islands – Prime Minister removed in vote of no confidence, new Prime Minister and Cabinet

Taiwan – resignation of Hsu Jan-yau as Minister without Portfolio

Thailand – cabinet reorganization

Tonga – election results, new Interim Speaker

Iran – new Commander of the Navy

Israel – resignation of Minister of Health Yaakov Litzman

Lebanon – resignation of Prime Minister Saad Hariri

Saudi Arabia – new Ministers of Economy and of the National Guard

Antigua and Barbuda – cabinet reshuffle

Aruba – new Government takes office

Brazil – resignation of Minister of Cities; successor appointed

Chile – presidential and legislative elections

Ecuador – resignation of head of PETROECUADOR

Falkland Islands – elections to the legislative assembly

Mexico – Minister of Finance resigns, and successor takes office; new head of PEMEX appointed

Puerto Rico – head of state electricity authority steps down

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – cabinet reshuffle

Sint Maarten – election date announced, interim Prime Minister appointed

Venezuela – ministerial appointments

Afghanistan– acting Ministers of Agriculture, Higher Education and Rural Rehabilitation; Head of the Independent Election Commission removed from office

Pakistan– new Chief of Staff of the Navy

France – minor cabinet changes

Ireland – resignation of the Deputy Prime Minister

Switzerland – new Head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

United Kingdom – Secretary of State for Defence resigned, Secretary of State for International Development resigned, resulting in a minor reorganization of the cabinet

Wales – changes to the Government

Vatican City – new Third Section of the Secretariat of State established, responsible for the Diplomatic Staff of the Holy See

UN – new Special Representative of the UN Sec.-Gen. for Haiti

UNESCO – election of a new Director-General

APEC – Leaders’ meeting convened

ASEAN – new Secretary-General appointed

CARICOM/UN – pledging conference held for hurricane-affected communities

International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies – new President

Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement renamed