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Europa World September 2017 - Upload Highlights

A comprehensive update of Europa World took place this month.

Our Country Profiles have been extensively revised to provide the latest political and economic developments for each country and territory, while the statistical surveys for every country in the world have been comprehensively updated to give the latest available statistics on key demographic and socio-economic indicators.

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New content for 2017 includes:

  • Coverage of the opening months of Donald Trump’s presidency of the USA, and of the attempts by the Liberal Ministry of Justin Trudeau in Canada to implement its reformist agenda in numerous areas of policy, including indigenous rights
  • Events surrounding the impeachment in a corruption scandal of the South Korean President Park Geun-Hye, and coverage of President Rodrigo Duterte’s first year in office in the Philippines
  • Developments in the continuing Russian involvement in the military conflict in Syria, and details of the implementation of controversial constitutional reforms in Azerbaijan and Tajikistan
  • Coverage of increasingly tense relations between the states of the Arabian Peninsula and Iran, and continuing conflict in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, and details of the failed military coup against the Government of Turkey and its consequences
  • Details of the vote in a referendum in the United Kingdom in favour of leaving the European Union and the consequent change of Prime Minister, and the resignation of Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi after voters rejected his plans for constitutional reform
  • Coverage of the legislative elections in Romania and subsequent anti-Government protests, and events surrounding the repeatedly delayed pre-term legislative elections in the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia
  • Detailed information on the Beijing-based Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, a focus on the UN’s new political mission to support the peace process in Colombia and the outcome of the inaugural World Humanitarian Summit
  • Events surrounding the election of Adama Barrow to the presidency of The Gambia, ending 22 years of rule by Yayah Jammeh, and details of the installation of new institutions of state and continuing moves towards federalism in Somalia
  • Coverage of the dire economic and political situation in Venezuela, the holding of long overdue presidential and legislative elections in Haiti, and the signature in Colombia of a peace agreement that brought to an end more than 50 years of civil war in the country

A comprehensive update of the Europa World Plus content relating to South Asia has taken place.

New for South Asia 2018:

All essays have been fully revised by renowned experts to reflect political and economic developments of the last 12 months. A calendar of political events provides a convenient reference guide to the most significant developments in 2016–17. Current events detailed and analysed in this latest edition include the removal from office of Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif; the controversial `demonetization’ policy of Indian premier Narendra Modi, the appointment of a new Government in Nepal, and elections to several state assemblies in India.

A General Survey includes essays on issues of regional importance. This edition features a discussion of the many regional and domestic security issues affecting the countries of South Asia, as well as in-depth examinations of relations between India and Pakistan, the USA’s ‘AfPak’ strategy, the growing influence of China in the region’s affairs, political Islam, population and environmental issues, and religions.

Our detailed surveys of each country in the region—meticulously updated by our editorial team—provide a wide range of the latest available demographic, financial and socioeconomic data on each country, as well as directories on the government and politics, society and media, and business and commerce of each country.

A section on the region’s major commodities, including statistical tables for quick and easy reference, has also been extensively revised. A further section lists international organizations and research institutes active in the region, and provides bibliographies of the most relevant literature for further reading.

Please click on the regional links below to view a summary of recently updated content

Angola – new President sworn in

Central African Republic – new Government appointed

Chad – government reorganization

Republic of the Congo – election of new Senate President

Eritrea – death of Governor of Semenawi Keyih Bahri province

Kenya – annulment of the results of the presidential election

Lesotho – killing of the Commander of the Lesotho Defence Force

Mayotte – new senators elected

Réunion – new senators elected

Rwanda – new Government appointed

Senegal – announcement of new Government

Sudan – Governor of Wau state dismissed

Azerbaijan (`Republic of Nagornyi Karabakh (Artsakh)’) – new Government appointed, with the post of Prime Minister replaced by that of Minister of State.

Belarus – new Ministers of Culture, of Information, and of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection

Russia (Territories of the Russian Federation) – details of the winning candidates in the gubernatorial elections held in: Sevastopol City (in occupied Crimea); the Republics of Buryatiya, Kareliya, Marii-El, Mordoviya and Udmurtiya; Perm Krai; and the Oblasts of Belgorod, Kaliningrad, Kirov, Novgorod, Ryazan, Saratov, Sverdlovsk, Tomsk and Yaroslavl. New Acting Governors in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Nizhnii Novgorod and Samara Oblasts, and the Nenets Autonomous Okrug.

Turkmenistan – new Acting Deputy Chairman of the Government, responsible for Economic Affairs, Banks, and International Financial Organizations

Uzbekistan – new Ministers of Defence and of Internal Affairs.

China, People’s Republic– new chief of the Joint Staff Department, new Commanders of the Air Force, Rocket Force and Ground Force, new acting Governor of Guizhou province

Fiji – new Governor of Reserve Bank

Korea, Republic of – new Chief Justice

Malaysia – new Sultan of Kedah

Mongolia – removal of the Prime Minister and Cabinet by parliamentary vote, new candidate nominated

New Caledonia – second failed attempt for ministers to elect President

New Zealand – preliminary election results

Philippines – new Acting Secretary of Agrarian Reform, resignation of Secretary of Information and Communications Technology

Singapore – new President, new Speaker, new Minister for Social and Family Development

Taiwan – new Premier and new members of the Executive Yuan

Timor-Leste – new Prime Minister, new Government and new Speaker

Tonga – new Deputy Prime Minister and new Minister of Finance

France – partial Senate elections

Germany – legislative elections

Iceland – collapse of coalition, fresh elections called

Norway – legislative elections

Aruba – general election held

Bermuda – new Speaker appointed

Brazil – new Prosecutor-General

Chile – new ministers of finance and of the economy

Curaçao and Sint Maarten – new Attorney-General

Ecuador – new defence minister

Falkland Islands and South Georgia – new Governor

Haiti – Minister of Social Affairs and Labour dismissed

Grenada – cabinet reshuffle

Guadeloupe – new Prefect appointed

Guatemala – departure from the Cabinet of the ministers of foreign affairs and of health, successors appointed

Mexico – new heads of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies elected

Uruguay – Vice-President resigns, new Vice-President takes office

Venezuela – new Minister for Oil appointed

Saint Pierre and Miquelon – new Representative in the French Senate

Tunisia – reorganization of Council of Ministers; new appointees included Ministers of Finance, the Interior, and National Defence.

United Nations – 72nd session of the General Assembly opened, followed by the annual general debate

UN Political Missions – UN Verification Mission in Colombia became operational

UN World Tourism Organization – new Secretary-General appointed, to take office 1 Jan. 2018

Central American Integration System – new Secretary-General took office

International Olympic Committee – host cities announced for the 2024 and 2028 summer games