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Europa World March 2019 - Upload Highlights

A comprehensive update of the Europa World Plus content relating to Africa South of the Sahara, Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia, the Far East and Australasia, the Middle East and North Africa, South America, Central America and the Caribbean, and South Asia has taken place.

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Comparative Statistics revised and updated

Europa World’s interactive Comparative Statistics tool, featuring 35 demographic and socio-economic indicators for all countries and territories of the world, has been comprehensively revised and updated for 2019.

Please click on the regional links below to view a summary of recently updated content.

Central African Republic – new Government appointed; further changes made to composition of the Government

DRC – acting ministers appointed to the Government

Cote d’Ivoire – new National Assembly President elected

Ethiopia – new Governor of Amhara region

The Gambia – Vice-President dismissed; government ministers replaced

Ghana – government reorganization; new regional ministers nominated

Guinea-Bissau – legislative election results announced

Kenya – minor government reorganization

Mauritius – resignation of Minister of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade; new Chief Justice sworn in

Nigeria – legislative election results

Saint Helena – election of Speaker of the Legislative Council

Senegal – presidential election results

Sudan – new Government appointed; further changes made to the Council of Ministers

Tanzania – minor government reshuffle; changes to the Zanzibar Government of National Unity

Estonia – results of the legislative elections

Slovenia – new Minister of Culture and new Minister of Health

Bulgaria – resignation of Minister of Justice

Belarus – dismissal of a Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Agriculture and Food and the Chairman of the Executive Committee of Mogilev Oblast Administration

Kazakhstan – new President; new Chairman of the Senate; renaming of capital city, Astana, as Nur-Sultan; street renamings in honour of the former President

Moldova – results of the legislative elections

Moldova (`Transnistrian Moldovan Republic’) – new acting Minister of Health Care.

Russian Federation (Territories) – new acting Heads of the Republics of Altai and of Kalmykiya; new acting Governors of Chelyabinsk, Murmansk and Orenburg Oblasts.

Australia – new Minister of Defence Industry; New South Wales State Legislative Assembly election results

Korea, Democratic People’s Republic – elections to the 14th Supreme People’s Assembly

Micronesia, Federated States – legislative election

Mongolia – new Chief of General Staff of the Mongolian Armed Forces

New Zealand – new Chief Justice

Philippines – new central bank Governor, new acting Secretary of Budget and Management

Thailand – election to the House of Representatives

Tokelau – new Ulu-O-Tokelau

Tonga – new Attorney-General

Algeria – postponement of presidential election; new Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister; dismissal of Pres. of the Haute Instance Indépendante de Surveillance des Élections

Egypt – new Minister of Transport

Iran – new Head of Judiciary

Libya – Interim Chair. of Libyan Investment Authority appointed

British Virgin Islands – new Government takes office; new Speaker elected

Ecuador – new Minister of Telecommunications and Information sworn in

Haiti – Prime Minister loses no confidence vote; successor appointed

Jamaica – Minister of Education sworn into office following resignation of predecessor

Mexico – Supreme Court Chief Justice appointed

Peru – Prime Minister resigns; new Cabinet takes office

Uruguay – new Commander in Chief of the Army; new leader of the Partido Socialista

Canada – new Ministers of Agriculture and Agri-Food, of International Development, and of Veterans Affairs; new President of the Treasury Board and Minister of Digital Government; new Interim Auditor General.

India – death of Chief Minister of Goa

Finland – resignation of Government, prior to scheduled general election on 14 April

Italy – new leader of the Partito Democratico

Norway – Minister of Justice and Immigration takes leave of absence

World Health Organization – new Deputy Director-General appointed