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  • Religion Titles for Review: February 2016

    Discover our new and recently published titles for February!

  • Interview with Author James R. Dudley

    UNC Charlotte scholar’s new book seeks to integrate spirituality, religion into practice

  • Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy has been updated

    Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy has been updated with even more content and a fresh new look!

  • Preview Spirituality Matters in Social Work by James R. Dudley

    Connecting Spirituality, Religion, and Practice

  • Interview with Josef Meri, Editor of The Routledge Handbook of Muslim-Jewish Relations

    The Routledge Handbook of Muslim-Jewish Relations invites readers to deepen their understanding of the The Routledge Handbook of Muslim-Jewish Relations (Hardback) book coverhistorical, social, cultural, and political themes that impact modern-day perceptions of interfaith dialogue. 

    We interviewed Josef Meri to find out more about his recently published Handbook.

  • Robert Ellwood discusses the new edition of Introducing Japanese Religion

    With the new edition of Introducing Japanese Religion now available, we had a chat with author Robert Ellwood to find out more about the book.

  • Crystal Downing discusses her new book, Salvation from Cinema

    Salvation from Cinema is cogent, comprehensive, beautifully written, and stunningly consistent.’ M. Gail Hamner, Syracuse University, USA

    With praise already being paid to Crystal Downing’s new book, Salvation from Cinema, this excellent new book offers something new to the burgeoning field of ‘religion and film’. We interviewed Crystal Downing to find out more.

  • Free-to-view series compilations from Routledge in Religion

    We are pleased to bring you a selection of chapter compilations from our key book series.

    Each compilation features a number of chapters from different titles within the series. The compilations give you an idea of the content and scope of the book series.

  • Bioethics: The Basics - An Outstanding Academic Title

    We are honored that Bioethics: The Basics has been selected as a Choice Outstanding Academic Title 2014!

    Bioethics: The Basics is an introduction to the foundational principles, theories and issues in the study of medical and biological ethics. Readers are introduced to bioethics from the ground up before being invited to consider some of the most controversial but important questions facing us today. Choice said of it:

    "This concise, precise, and inexpensive book contains a trove of information useful for both general health sciences audiences and laypersons wanting a clear introduction to ethical issues in health. Each of these chapters is relevant to any health profession, not only medicine. Summing Up: Highly recommended." - M.M. Gilllis, CHOICE

    View all the Routledge Choice Outstanding Academic Titles HERE.

  • CHOICE Reviewed Titles from Routledge Religion

    Routledge is proud to produce some of the most acclaimed, cutting-edge scholarship available in Religion, and we're pleased to highlight the following positive reviews from CHOICE. Click on the titles below to see what CHOICE and other independent reviewers had to say about these great books.

    Ronald Green's Buddhism Goes to the Movies is Highly Recommended!

    "With this accessible, incisive overview, Shields will become for a new generation of undergraduate and graduate students what W. D. Ross or W. K. C. Guthrie were for previous generations of scholars - a lifeline of clarity in the sometimes murky seas of Aristotle's texts. …a fluid, contemporary analysis of Aristotle that remains lively through candid acknowledgement of textual puzzles and a lucid ordering in exposition. … Summing Up: Essential." - CHOICE, August 2014

  • Featured Author - Marie Cartier

    "Baby, You Are My Religion is written with passion and seeks to add a more spiritual dimension to the genre of cultural histories written about the place of lesbians in the gay bar scene. The accessible prose, supplemented with a sizable list of theoretical and theological definitions, in addition to the entertaining and provocative interviews, makes for an undemanding, yet fun, read."Marcie Bianco, Lambda Literary Review

    Read our interview with author Marie Cartier, in which she reveals some interesting facts and background to her groundbreaking work.

  • Read Excerpts of our Outstanding Academic Titles

    What do habit, Buddhism, bioethics and gothic literature have in common? Each are the subject of one of our Outstanding Academic Titles as picked by Choice magazine!

    We've had 32 titles chosen as Outstanding Academic Titles, and we've made excerpts from four of these titles free to view - On Habit, Bioethics: the Basics, The Gothic World and Buddhism Goes to the Movies. Each excerpt contains the first chapter to give a flavour of the book, so what are you waiting for?

    If you want to see more of the Outstanding Academic Titles from Routledge, you can view them all here

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