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  • Shinto: At the Fountainhead of Japan book cover


    At the Fountainhead of Japan, 1st Edition

    By Jean Herbert

    Shinto, the national indigenous religion of Japan has supplied Japan with the basic structure of its mentality and behaviour. Although its classical texts have been translated into English this volume was the first major study of this important religion. The book is a complete picture of Shinto,…

    Hardback – 2010-09-09
    Routledge Library Editions: Japan

  • The Biographies of Rechungpa: The Evolution of a Tibetan Hagiography book cover

    The Biographies of Rechungpa

    The Evolution of a Tibetan Hagiography, 1st Edition

    By Peter Alan Roberts

    This book traces the lifestory of Rechungpa (1084-1161) - the student of the famous teacher Milarepa - using rare and little-known manuscripts, and discovers how the image of both Milarepa and Rechungpa underwent fundamental transformations over a period of over three centuries. Peter Alan Roberts&…

    Paperback – 2010-08-15
    Routledge Critical Studies in Buddhism - Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies

  • Identity, Ritual and State in Tibetan Buddhism: The Foundations of Authority in Gelukpa Monasticism book cover

    Identity, Ritual and State in Tibetan Buddhism

    The Foundations of Authority in Gelukpa Monasticism, 1st Edition

    By Martin A. Mills

    This is a major anthropological study of contemporary Tibetan Buddhist monasticism and tantric ritual in the Ladakh region of North-West India and of the role of tantric ritual in the formation and maintenance of traditional forms of state structure and political consciousness in Tibet. Containing…

    Paperback – 2010-07-01
    Routledge Studies in Tantric Traditions

  • The Khecarividya of Adinatha: A Critical Edition and Annotated Translation of an Early Text of Hathayoga book cover

    The Khecarividya of Adinatha

    A Critical Edition and Annotated Translation of an Early Text of Hathayoga, 1st Edition

    By James Mallinson

    Describing one of the most important practices of hathayoga (khecarimudra), the Khecarividya of Adinatha is presented here to an English-speaking readership for the first time. The author, James Mallinson, draws on thirty Sanskrit works, as well as original fieldwork amongst yogins in India who use…

    Paperback – 2010-04-01
    Routledge Studies in Tantric Traditions

  • The Zen Impulse and the Psychoanalytic Encounter book cover

    The Zen Impulse and the Psychoanalytic Encounter

    1st Edition

    By Paul C. Cooper

    Although psychoanalysis and Zen Buddhism derive from theoretical and philosophical assumptions worlds apart, both experientially-based traditions share at their heart a desire for the understanding, development, and growth of the human experience. Paul Cooper utilizes detailed clinical vignettes to…

    Paperback – 2009-12-03

  • Introducing Buddhism book cover

    Introducing Buddhism

    2nd Edition

    By Charles S. Prebish, Damien Keown

    Introducing Buddhism is the ideal resource for all students beginning the study of this fascinating religious tradition. It explains the religion’s key teachings and traces its historical development and geographical spread of from its foundations up to present day. Charles S. Prebish and Damien…

    Paperback – 2009-12-02
    World Religions

  • Buddhism: The Basics book cover

    Buddhism: The Basics

    1st Edition

    By Cathy Cantwell

    Buddhism: The Basics provides a thorough and accessible introduction to a fascinating religion. Examining the historical development of Buddhism and its presence today, this guide covers: principal traditions practices and beliefs ethical guidelines and philosophy religious texts…

    Paperback – 2009-08-27
    The Basics

  • Encyclopedia of Buddhism book cover

    Encyclopedia of Buddhism

    1st Edition

    Edited by Damien Keown, Charles S. Prebish

    'It is an excellent advocate for both reference publishing and for the belief system it represents' - Reference Reviews 'This work is a crucial source for specialists...Highly recommended' - G. J. Reece, American University, Choice The Routledge Encyclopedia of Buddhism is a complete up-to-date…

    Paperback – 2009-08-25

  • South Asian Buddhism: A Survey book cover

    South Asian Buddhism

    A Survey, 1st Edition

    By Stephen C. Berkwitz

    South Asian Buddhism presents a comprehensive historical survey of the full range of Buddhist traditions throughout South Asia from the beginnings of the religion up to the present. Starting with narratives on the Buddha’s life and foundational teachings from ancient India, the book proceeds to…

    Paperback – 2009-06-29

  • Ninian Smart on World Religions: Volume 1: Religious Experience and Philosophical Analysis book cover

    Ninian Smart on World Religions

    Volume 1: Religious Experience and Philosophical Analysis, 1st Edition

    Edited by John J. Shepherd

    Ninian Smart came to public prominence as the founding Professor of the first British university Department of Religious Studies in the late 1960s. His pioneering views on education in religion proved hugely influential at all levels, from primary schools to academic teaching and research. An…

    Hardback – 2009-06-23
    Ashgate Contemporary Thinkers on Religion: Collected Works

  • Introducing Chinese Religions book cover

    Introducing Chinese Religions

    1st Edition

    By Mario Poceski

    Introducing Chinese Religions is the ideal starting point for students exploring the fascinating religious traditions of China. This introduction covers the whole spectrum of Chinese religious history, from the multi-faceted religious heritage of pre-modern China, to the practice of different…

    Paperback – 2009-06-19
    World Religions

  • Nothingness: Tadao Ando's Christian Sacred Space book cover

    Nothingness: Tadao Ando's Christian Sacred Space

    1st Edition

    By Jin Baek

    Based around an interview with Tadao Ando, this book explores the influence of the Buddhist concept of nothingness on Ando’s Christian architecture, and sheds new light on the cultural significance of the buildings of one of the world’s leading contemporary architects. Specifically, this book…

    Paperback – 2009-06-15

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