Religion: Book Series

Routledge Studies in Religion and Environment

Series Editor:

The Routledge Studies in Religion and Environment book series explores religious encounters with environmental challenges and strives to capture the ecological dimensions of religious life with empirical and theoretical sophistication. Resisting the urge to concentrate exclusively on religious traditions, this series conceives the term "religion" broadly, seeking to include not only religious actors, institutions and theological traditions, but also lived spiritualities, indigenous cosmovisions, para-religious organizations, and socially enacted notions of the sacred. Environmental challenges are manifest in every part of the world, but the bearing of religious actors, ideas, and institutions on these challenges is variable. Accordingly, this series is ambivalent about whether and how religion matters with respect to environmental issues. We welcome scholarly contributions that chart the dynamic relationships between systems of human meaning-making and environmental processes at all scales, from the planetary to the parochial.