Research Methods: Book Series

Futures of Data Analysis in Qualitative Research

Series Editor:

The books in the series Futures of Data Analysis in Qualitative Research document the various ways in which qualitative researchers approach data analysis within the context of qualitative inquiry. The series specifically encourages work done from various intersected margins which focus on ways in which a researcher might have had to break rank with traditions, established practices, or privileged, dominant approaches. The books consider multiple aspects including, but not limited to, role of theory, ethics, positionality, processes and their role in generating insights.

While the emphasis of the series is analysis, books in the series could also subvert how analysis is understood and practiced in qualitative inquiry if established discourses are incommensurable for their specific inquiries. Focusing on non-traditional or reconfiguration of the familiar in analysis, the series encourages books written from various interpretive, critical, deconstructive, or other contemporary orientations. The books not only offer narrative details of qualitative data analysis process with examples, but also new ontoepistemic, theoretical, methodological, and substantive knowledge.

For more information about the series or to submit a book proposal, please contact Series Editor Kakali Bhattacharya,