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Inclusive Access Impact Student Success with Affordable Digital Course Materials

What is Inclusive Access?

Bringing innovation into the classroom couldn’t be easier.

With Inclusive Access, institutions have the option to include the cost of textbooks and supplies into tuition fees, providing students with inexpensive digital course materials from day one. Eliminating the need for students to purchase books on their own can lead to higher student achievement and improved course satisfaction.

For institutions already partnered with providers like Follet and Barnes & Noble, Taylor & Francis offers valuable products and course materials that you can access through their Inclusive Access programs.

How Can Inclusive Access Work for You?

Whether you’re a faculty member, department head, or bookstore manager, Inclusive Access has a host of benefits that can fulfill your institution's needs. Participation drives down costs for students and simplifies resource management for institutions, while also improving student preparedness with readily available texts.

What's Next?

Taylor & Francis works with a variety of digital providers and inclusive access programs to make it easier for you to get set up. If you’re an independent book store manager or administrator, contact us today and find out how your school can get involved.

We’re here to help you, and your students, succeed.


▶  How much does Inclusive Access cost?

We work closely with each institution based on their needs and discount books significantly depending on class size and books requested.

▶  How can I get started/how long does it take?

To get started, fill out the  form here and a sales representative will contact you shortly.

▶ Who should I speak with at my school?

We recommend speaking with your bookstore manager or department chair to see how Inclusive Access can benefit your students.

▶  What if my school is already partnered with an Inclusive Access program? (Follet, First Day, etc)

That’s great! We’re integrated with most inclusive access programs and can offer our textbooks through your existing Learning Management System.

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