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Are there any costs involved in partnering with T&F?

There are no costs involved in setting up a partnership with T&F Books. The partnership program is all about forging relationships with societies that share our goals of progressing diversity of thought, behavior, and ethics and promoting advanced learning. By providing our partners with quality content and free access to essential information, we hope that this will help engage, inform and retain your members.

How can we contact you for more information and to set up an initial meeting or phone call?

Please email us at and a member of our team will be in touch.

How long does it take to set up a partnership?

This will vary depending on which benefits you choose. In most cases we will start by having a phone call or in-person meeting so we can create a partnership plan and we will put together a schedule from there.

What work is required on the part of the society?

This will vary depending on the benefits you choose. (See the Partnership Benefits section for more information.)

For example, a partnership could start with the a bespoke member discount code and dedicated landing page, which you would share with your members via your website and regularly scheduled reminders sent out via your newsletter and social media. We can provide you with copy and banner artwork. Over time, we can work together to add other resources and benefits. We have a flexible approach to support the evolving needs of your society and its members. 

How does the affiliate program work?

The affiliate program allows you to generate revenue from our partnership. We will set up a bespoke 20% discount code and online catalog for your members, and your society will earn a commission on each sale made using the discount code. While we do not guarantee a minimum commission, regular promotion of the discount via your website, email list, and social media typically increases engagement and results in higher revenue.

How can we join the affiliate program?

Simply email us at to let us know that you're interested and we will send you an agreement outlining all the terms and conditions for you to read through, sign, and return. We will then create a discount code and online catalog for you to share with your members.

How long is an affiliate deal valid for? 

It is valid for one year from the date of signing the agreement, but it can be renewed thereafter.

How are affiliate commission payments made?

Taylor & Francis will send a check or wire/bank transfer to the society twice annually in January (for commission earned July-December) and July (for commission earned January-June).

What is a Free-to-View collection?

A Free-to-View collection consists of published books available for members to view for free online for a limited time. We recommend that the books are chosen by the society to ensure that they are most relevant to their members, but can consult with our Editorial team as needed.

Please note: For books less than 2 years old, up to 10% of the content can be made available, so you may wish to choose specific chapters. For books more than 2 years old, up to 100% of the content can be made available.

What is a Chapter Sampler?

A Chapter Sampler is a collection of between 5 and 8 chapters from published books that are collated into a single, downloadable pdf. Chapter Samplers are often focused around a hot topic you know your members will be interested in, or the theme of your conference.

What is a FreeBook?

A FreeBook is similar to a chapter sampler in that it is a pdf collection of chapters from published books. Where it differs is that a FreeBook is usually co-branded and is completely redesigned and reformatted so that it appears as a unified eBook. It can also include original chapters and/or an introduction written by the society.

What is a White Paper?

White Papers are short (5-10 page) original articles that address key information or hot topics relevant to the field that are backed up by primary or secondary research. They can be written by members of your organization, a T&F author, or commissioned by us. They can be co-branded and distributed to your members and/or the wider community.

We have also commissioned shorter, more focused and friendly White Papers that bring a particular subject to life or introduce new processes or protocols that have been brought in by the government or other authorities.

What is a Snapshot?

Snapshots are accessible articles that explore an industry issue, solve a common challenge in your field, or provide information on a specific topic. They are usually written by members of your organization or a T&F author.

How should I promote these free resources? 

Access to free content is given via a sign-up page on the Routledge or CRC website, which can be shared with your members via your website, newsletter, social media, etc. Artwork can be provided (on request) to help you promote/share the collection. With your permission, Taylor & Francis will also share this content with our contacts in your field and promote it via our social media channels.

How long does it take for free resources to be created?

The timeline for content creation varies depending on the amount of design work involved, but in most cases a chapter sampler or Free-to-View collection can be done in 2-3 weeks, whereas a FreeBook or White Paper can take 3- 4 months. We appreciate as much advance notice as possible and will work with you to meet any target dates or deadlines as best we can.

We are interested in publishing a co-branded book or book series. Where do I find more information?

We'd love to hear from you! Please email us at

How does a prize draw work?

We know that a huge amount of effort that goes into organizing conferences, and that early registration is important. We can help incentivize early registration by running a prize draw, which offers members a chance to win the T&F books of their choice up to a set value. Prize draws can also be used as an incentive for membership renewal.

We will create an online entry form on our website, and all you need to do is share the link with your members. We will take care of picking the winner, notifying them, and sending them the books they have chosen as their prize, so you don’t have to act as the middle-man.

Prize draws usually take 1-2 weeks to set up. Artwork can be provided (on request) to help you promote/share this content with your members via your website, newsletter, social media, etc.

Are member discounts valid on all books?

The discount is usually given on print books only on both CRC Press and Routledge websites. However, other arrangements can be made, and specific requests will be reviewed independently. Please email us at for more information.

Can the discount code be used on purchases over the phone?

Yes. Please click here for details of how you can place your order over the phone.

Interested in learning more? Contact to reach our team of partnership marketing managers.

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